Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Day At The Races?

My next scarf is one I saw on the SA in Manchester when I bought my Bateau Fleuri.  I loved the colours straight away.  So whilst I was in Paris in July I went to the Rue de Sevres Hermes and again I was in luck they had the exact colourway I wanted:-)
The colours and pattern are right up my street.

Steeplechase by Virginie Jamin.  The little jockeys are cute!
From the left - Cossack, a triangle draped and scarf detail.

From left - a 2 ring slide, scarf detail and a shorter 2 ring slide

Half Ascot (L) and simple triangle fold tied with scarf ring (R)

Slip knot with scarf ring (L), Cossack with ring(TR)
and Equestrian with scarf ring (BR)

Cossack with scarf ring(L), Friendship Knot (TR) 
and simple tie with scarf ring(BR)

A-symmetrical fold tied with scarf ring(TL) Cossack(R) 
and Double Twist (BL)

I hope you like Steeplechase!  
Next time I will publish the 2 ring slide "How To" guide.


  1. This is SO you! It's many ways to knot?!

    At least the cooler weather is going to mean more scarves, for me anyway.

    Thanks for sharing! PPx

    1. Hi PP I agree about the weather!!! Glad you like. SAx

  2. Another really pretty scarf - my colours too... And you are right, the little jockeys are the cutest :)

    1. Thank you Patricia! I've come to learn that strong colours suit me better the paler ones are lovely but they wash me out! SAxx

  3. Another beautiful scarf - just curious, do you have troubles in the morning which one to take "out" on certain day? I would spend hours above the boxes with so many beauties - not an easy task to use only one per day (at least it would not be for me).

    1. No Maria I don't wear them every day and usually I know what I want to wear on the day, so it's not a problem, although having so many I forget what I have sometimes LOL! SAx