Monday, 5 October 2015

Plisse Playtime

Some time ago I acquired this beautiful cerise plisse version of Aux Pays d'Epices.  I had been looking for one in a brighter colourway and this fitted the bill, although I would still like a flat one really;-) Anyway as today was a slow autumnal day I decided to hunt this plisse out and have a play with it:-

The full scarf.

Circles containing  details of spices etc..
encircle the design.

Lots of dried spices and nuts (nutmeg?)
make up the design.

I think it's a pretty colourway.
Just wrapped around with the tails
tucked inside.

Butterfly knot with scarf ring.

Butterfly knot with scarf ring and a
single knot.

A single knot tied using only the very edges 
of the hem to get this effect

Scarf ring used to loop the scarf 
ends through to make a bow.

Here I slightly lengthened the bows 
by pulling them out a bit more - and 
you can just see the ring here too.

Half bow knot with scarf ring.

Just playing here to see what works I folded 
the scarf across the middle and tied as per a 
Cossack - it felt a bit bulky but if you want a 
warm neck or cowl collar look this would 
work well!!

Again purely playing - this is folded as if you had a 
90cm folded in half on the square (not diagonal) 
then I put it round my neck and pulled the ends 
through a ring - just like the a-symmetrcial knot the 
only difference being I didn't fold opposite corners 
to make a diagonal before putting round my neck.  
A bit flouncy but if that's a look you want it works.

Friendship Knot

This is a single knot tied in the front of the scarf 
before putting round the neck.  I have hidden the 
ends inside the roll and tied them together inside 
the roll to stop them falling out

The 2 ring slide which works well.

Hope you like some of the ideas here!


  1. Lovely, lovely Plissé dear Scarf Addict !
    I have come to realise the best plissés are the bright ones or those with contrast borders .
    Fallen back in love with mine it's a black Alphabet Russe .

  2. The ideas are brilliant - like always, the scarf looks brilliant and has a very special effect!
    I was almost obsessed with Aux Pays des Epices, managed to acquire two flat versions, while I do not have any plissé scarf.
    Plissé gives more room for playing with the scarf, I feel.

    1. Glad you have this design too it is lovely! SAx

  3. Wonderful scarf ideas, you are brilliant at this. The scarf is gorgeous, all my favourite colours, and Hermes never cease to amaze me with the subject matter. Who would have thought spices could be so picturesque? The plisses are rally lovely scarves.

    1. I know they do keep coming up with these ideas! I really like this one. SAx

  4. This is plissé perfection! You are so right about bright colours and the borders. I have only one, an eBay rescue, as per usual, which I have never worn, I need to get it out and use it or lose it! it is a Pierre D'Orient and I fear it may not work for me...

  5. Hope you give it a try you never know it might be OK! SAx