Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bandanna Forray

Last year when I visited Brussels to see the bi-annual Floral Carpet I made a visit to the Hermes boutique on Avenue Louise and made a little purchase, as you can see from the orange box below:-
A new box for the new format scarf:-)

A little peek inside...

Ooooh it's something PINK!

"Peuple du Vent" -  Bandanna
The design is full of little animals and people.
I love this little owl in the middle!

A lovely intricate border surrounds the critters.

And lots of flowers adorn the outer edges - really sweet.
So not having had a bandanna to play with before I was looking forward to seeing just what I could do with it - well I am happy to report it was fairly easy - obviously the scarf is smaller so some things do not work e.g. Equestrian looks or knots such as Cossack,Friendship and Half Ascot will not work because the length is too short, but much of what else we can usually do works with this format as well:-
Here is a simple bias fold with a ring slipped up to hold.

Here I have used a moyenne scarf ring 
with a bias fold.

This is as before but I just turned the scarf 
to one side - quite a simple/effective look.

Here I have made the half bow 
knot with moyenne ring

Here is the slip knot using 
the moyenne ring.

For this you a really skinny neck! I only just 
managed this wrap around bias fold secured 
with petite ring.

I like this look - a single knot in the middle
of a bias fold and then tie the ends behind 
the neck.

A very straight forward half fold on
the diagonal and tie behind the 
neck for a classic Cowboy look.

And the same knot just pulled round to one side.
I hope the ideas above give you some inspiration and maybe a reason to look at bandannas next time you are in a Hermes boutique.  They are only made using 3 colours but I think I quite like that idea!


  1. This is a nice size, "extending" Gavroche and "shrinking" vintage size. I think it landed just where it has to be. Seems to be quite useful and all-purpose. The limitation to 3 colours is also something new, but helpful. Good to have such the option too, just not to sail through all cws like in other formats. A nice pink all-rounder, congrats to you!

  2. Lovely, and very helpful. I bought one of these little scarves last year at Paris airport (she says shamelessly!) and really can't do much with it. Thank you for all the ideas - I'll get it out tomorrow.

    1. Hope you have been able to wear it now Patricia - glad to have helped with ideas! SAxx

  3. Dear SA, Love seeing you model your pink bandana! I have the 140cm Peuple du Vent bandana in navy/black/white. It's one of my favorites, so versatile. I love all the details in the pattern, so charming I think. The pink 55cm looks perfect on you! NN

    1. A belated thank you NN!! Hope you have happy new year SAx

  4. Dear Scarf Addict, have just caught up with your lovely blog - having been staying away from it and the Scarf forum as trying hard not to buy scarves at the moment, and seeing all the beautiful scarves makes me want to buy (no will power)!

    1. I agree Blighty the Forum is terrible for making you want more more more. I am much better since I don't read it so much! I need to wear what I have and that is plenty! SAx

  5. oops sorry, think I posted before i was ready! Anyway, love your bandana, I have almost the same - I have the Peuple du Vent one in navy blue and then a pink bandana but that is Ex Libris, yours is a perfect coming together of the two! Thanks for the inspiration on how to wear xx

    1. No problem!! Your scarf sounds lovely too but I haven't seen any new designs of late not sure if they are still making them, but Dior do some smaller scarves and have some nice designs this time. SAx