Saturday, 6 March 2010

Vintage Scarves Part IV

Continuing my occasional series featuring my vintage scarf collection:- here are the pale-medium pinks.

Rialto - 70cm Cotton Charm from SS09

I really like this design by Perron and have 3 versions of it - 2 in cotton and one in silk:-
This particular scarf was a special edition for the Venice branch of Hermes and has written on it "Hermes Saluta Venezia" and "2008"

The design looks nice when worn, shown here using a scarf ring in two different ways:-
Flower Knot
Basic Fold and pulled through the ring.

Cotton Charm in a Cowboy style.
Another favourite design of mine - Kelly en Caleche from SS07 by Cyrille Diatkine.
I had to watch Ebay for MANY months to find this scarf!!

Worn Cowboy Style

and here worn simply round the neck to keep warm on a cold winter's day!

Finally my pale pink Expeditions Polaires Francaise which was from the AW09 collection.
Worn simply knotted around the neck similar to a cowboy style and a basic Fold pulled through a scarf ring.

So that concludes the pale -medium pink collection!


  1. Lovely Rialto! Ive heard the name but never seen this design, its an easy scarf to wear esp in the colourways you have chosen to dress up or down so versatile, love the butterfly knot too!and you know i love, love the kelly caleche!

  2. Thank you Elle...the Rialto is a super design - I was very lucky to find this one in my favourite colour pink and in Venice! As for KenC that's another fave and I hope to get one of the Cotton Charms this summer - need to go to Europe for the best choice I think!

  3. I know, re cottons, im still not sure about mine, imagine how pretty they could make them if they wanted to instead of a strange mix of bold colours! we should go and give them a hand at FSH lol!

  4. I too love my 70 cm and purchased a Bolduc in brass for myself and in silver for my DD. Thanks for the great ideas in this and the Bolduc post.


    PS SL this weekend! M

  5. Your pink Vintages scarves are so very pretty, Scarf Addict. Good luck with the Cotton Charm Carrés! x

  6. Thank you MaisieZ - enjoy your H - you're welcome!!
    I can just hear the opening notes of the SL overture - spine tingling!! Enjoy SL, can't wait to hear what you think!

  7. Thank you MaiTai - fingers x'd I'll find a nice cw - luckily I am in Paris in May so will try there!!