Saturday, 24 April 2010

Spring Ducklings!!

Spring is really blossoming here in England.  I have some lovely flowers in my garden and over at my sister's pond she currently has a brood of ducklings!!  2 weeks ago my sister went to feed the wild mallard ducks that visit her pond only to be greeted by 10 ducklings as well!! It seems Mrs Mallard had been secretly nesting...Sadly 3 ducklings have been lost and we think it is the local owls as they seem to disappear in the night (the owls are probably feeding their own babies) it is sad but that is nature and why Mrs Mallard had 10 ducklings - anyway here are a few little pics of the ducklings (when there were 9) they are not too good quality because the ducklings would not keep still and were a little shy of me!

Busy feeding with Mother, Mrs Mallard
Busy forraging the banks of the pond watched by Dad, Mr Mallard.

I think there are 8 here on the banks and in the water with Dad and 2 Uncles!
Let's see what else there is to we go......


  1. There might be eagles or otters preying on the ducklings as well...the wee ones are so cute....and I love the sounds they make, cooing almost!
    Nature is harsh at times, survival of the fittest.

  2. Oh they are so adorable! Hope all remaining ducklings will grow strong and healthy. Thank you for sharing these lovely pics.

  3. HoTHB yes that is nature - they are very chatty indeed peep peeping all the time!!

  4. MaiTai - thank you for your wishes we're keeping all our fingers crossed!