Sunday, 4 April 2010

Scarf Ring II

Well I was so pleased with my gold Bolduc scarf ring which I bought recently(New Scarf Ring)  that I could not resist getting another one in the silver/palladium.  So as I was in London yesterday I went to Harrods and got one:-)

My little bag of treasures!

Beautifully packaged as always with Hermes!

The Hermes Caleche
The rear detail.
Sisters! Silver left and Gold Right - it is a bit difficult to tell them apart!!

Maybe this shot is better!

Here shown on my Per Astra ad Astra plisse - silver left, gold right. The silver definitely looks much "cooler" than the gold.

The silver ring on my Dancing Pearls Plisse - this works very well as the overall tone of the scarf is cooler.

And finally worn as a butterfly/flower knot.

On my journey home there was a fantastic "grey" sunset and I got this amazing shot of the sun's rays from the train so I thought I would share it with you!


  1. A lovely post... thanks for sharing the scarf ring pictures as well as the sunset photo. Since you first showed the Bolduc Ring, and it started showing up on TPF, I have been tempted. Sometimes I ignore my scarf rings for a knot and I wonder if the shape of the Bolduc will inspire me. Both the silver and gold are stunning.

  2. Contratulations, Scarf Addict! Amazing how differently both rings bring out the colors in the PAaA, is it another chameleon scarf? ;-) Love the grey sunset, so beautiful and dramatic.

  3. I love the Bolduc too. So much I bought a silver one for my DD and the gold colour for me!

    As always, you have made wonderful scarf and knotting choices. So beautiful. Gorgeous hot of the sunset also. Many thanks!


  4. Thank you SMR - hope you will get one of these rings - it is pretty roomy so useful for doing "fancy" tricks with it lol!!

  5. MaiTai - I totally agree the difference the colour of each ring made on the PAaA was amazing! The gold brought out the warm tones yet the silver brings out the cooler blue hues of the baby pink. The sunset was tdf!

  6. Maisie Z - thank you and congratulations on getting both rings!! Nice that you can swap with your DD anytime - now that really increases the £/$ per wear value!! Enjoy :-)

  7. Beautiful pleated scarves!!!! Did you post all the pleated scarf you have?
    I want to see the detail...

  8. Hi Janice - no I don't think I have posted all my plisses! I 'll keep that as an idea for future post:-)

  9. Wow! These are beautiful. I will need to get some for my collection!

  10. ^^ Yes SS they are nice especially being square!