Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pointu Week

Over on TPF the theme for the last week was "Point Me to Your Pointu" giving us the excuse to wear our pointu scarves.  
Les Cles

I have 4 pointus and had some fun wearing my Les Cles this week and taking some photos of my others for the thread.

Carre en Carre

The pointu is simply a triangle shaped scarf but recently Hermès seem to have stopped making them except for one per season made from unusal fabrics :-( The Pointus are particularly easy to wear being so much smaller and less voluminous.

I secured the scarves using my new horn scarf ring from the MaiTai Collection which saves making a bulky knot - much more comfy to wear!  These rings open up a lot more possibilities for wearing your scarves - I just fed each scarf end through the ring and pulled to the length I required.

Les Cles with medium size scarf ring
Brides de Gala

The last pointu that I bought was this lovely pale blue pointu version of the Hermès classic design Couvertures et Tenues - I pulled the tied ends to the side which adds interest to the scarf.
Couverture et Tenues
Always one to experiement with my scarves I decided to put 2 pointus together (wrong side to wrong side)with the following results - I have done this in the past as well.  They are so light it is not a problem wearing 2 together in this way.
Carre en Carre with Couvertures et Tenues.
Couvertures et Tenues with Carre en Carre


  1. Great post, dear Scarf Addict! Love your Pointu collection, and I agree, it is such a fabulous sized scarf. I wish H would continue making them. Really happy to see the scarf rings in action, they look wonderful with your Pointus! Have a great Sunday. Best, MaiTai

  2. Two Pointus together-- very creative. I like the look and I especially like the Couvertures et Tenues pulled to the side.

    From the looks created by you and MaiTai, I am starting to think more about a Pointu. I passed them by in the past because I was concerned about a bulky knot with such a small scarf. Now I see that the horn scarf rings secure them nicely without the bulk.

    Wishing you a lovely week SA.

  3. Thank you SMR - the horn rings are perfect with the pointus - glad you said you like the CetT pointu I have really enjoyed wearing it to the side too!

  4. fantastic pictures with beautiful scarves. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Dear Scarf Addict: Lovely action shots as always. I particularly love your CWs of the CetT! Less bulk is also why I love the 70cm.

  6. Scarf - you're welcome!

    MaisieZ - Thank you - and yes I agree less is more!