Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Rainbow Tree

I saw a beautiful tree yesterday so I took my camera with me to work today and managed to get a photo - luckily the sun was shining again and the sky was blue. It was one of those "isn't Mother Nature wonderful?" moments and I thought I would share this lovely tree with you.

It is amazing how the colours go from green at the bottom through yellow and orange to red at the top.

It was just a perfect
scene IMHO.


  1. I totally agree. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing that. Autumn is my favourite season and this is why.

    You have inspired me to look a bit more closely for these lovely sights.

    Have a great Autumn.

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments Sally :-)

  3. How beautiful, thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful autumn.

  4. SA, what a wonderful way to describe the tree. I will think of your title when I see a rainbow tree in my area.

    Your post has deep meaning for me since I lost my beloved dog of 15 years to an illness a few days ago. Any time a pet or loved one passes I always pray for a rainbow as a symbol that he or she is well and safe.

    We are currently having a drought, so I knew I wouldn't get a rainbow. Then I clicked on your site and there it was-- a rainbow in another form. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Oh SMR I am so very sorry to hear you lost your beloved dog, my thoughts and sympathies go out to you. How uncanny that my photograph has such a meaning, that is lovely to hear and I am so glad it brought you some comfort at this sad time. Hugs SAx

  6. Hello! What a fabulous photo of this amazing tree and the blue sky which is present only in Autumn. A most beautiful and welcome lift for me also.


  7. Decided to catch up on a few blogs today and I'm so glad I did. Such a gorgeous tree - the perfect intro to autumn. Thanks for taking the time to take and share the pic.


    P.S. Loved reading about your adventures in Paris and Stockholm. Sounds like you had a great summer.

  8. MaisieZ so pleased you like the photo. The tree today was completley reddy brown!
    Hope you are well, SAx

  9. Hi Valencia lovely to see you here, I hope you are well. As for summer?! we never really got one in the UK where I live :-( so I just HAD to go abroad ;-)) never a dull moment...SAx