Saturday, 19 February 2011

2 Parisien Finds

On my recent trip to Paris in January I struck very lucky at Hermès Rue de Sevres.  I had been looking for a "Printemps Ete 69 Automne Hiver 70" scarf but alas I had missed the boat at home...but when I went to RdS they had one.  However when the SA opened the drawer there was another grail peeping out at me.  I could not believe my luck - one of the first 70cm vintage scarves launched in 2007 - Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanche!  They had one!  I already have the pink one but am not too keen on that colourway but this one was the white/grey/black with a hint of red.  No way was I leaving it behind so I bought it!!

This design is one of Hermès oldest.

Here worn cowboy style.

And here worn with my new mother or pearl moyenne MaiTai Collection scarf ring -one end slipped through the ring and the other pushed through the loop over the bar in the ring.

After I left Hermès RdS with my new scarf I could not help thinking about the PE69AW70 I had left behind.  After going around the Bvlgari exhibition at the Grand Palais it was no good I HAD to go back to RdS to see if the scarf was still there - it was.  So I gave in and bought it - the SA remembered me - she told me this particular colourway was very popular with her Italian clientele!  So here it is, the 70cm big sister to my 2 gavroches in the same design:-

The scarf has a lovey contrasting hem - much coveted by Hermès scarf fans.

Here worn with my scarf ring as above - it was meant to be a waterfall knot but I am not sure I quite got it right - I need to practise!

And the good old cowboy knot.

No trip to Paris would be complete without buying some Ladurée macaroons and I found this lovely Moon and Sun box which I had filled solely with Praline flavour macaroons - my favourite!

What a fun box!


  1. Dear ScarfAddict, what a fab find! it's incredible you found it so unexpectedly, many, many congratulations, it's a perfect neutral to wear next spring, I look forward to seeing other action pictures. :)

  2. I must say I was veeeery surprised to see Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanche as a part of your recent Paris purchase. Namely, it is the scarf I was looking for during a long time, then gave it up, as it was not available anywhere... Both scarves are beauties, enjoy! Love, Anna

  3. Scarfaddict! wonderful finds! love the Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanche! also happy to say we are twins on the Printemps! Interesting to hear it is popular with Italian clients...

    I must try Praline when I am next at Laduree, I usually stick to just fruity flavours! Elle x

  4. Birkinmary & Anna - thank you both I was stunned to see the scarf in the drawer and it is not the first time I have found older designs on the Left Bank - I got a Tohu Bohu 90cm from them too and they had Passage A Moscou when everywhere else had sold out! SAx

    I hope you get one eventually Anna! SAx

    Elle - yay glad to be a scarf twin with you! Yes the SA said the cw of the Printemps was very popular with the Italians! The Praline macaroons are delish - lovely and hazelnutty and not too wet like some of the macs can be! SAx

  5. Such delicious scarves you have found !I love both of them , I'm sure you will never regret getting the second one .

  6. Thank you Chiarina I love them both! SAx

  7. Stunning finds, SA! Jeu d'Omnibus in that cw has been a grail of mine for some time - I have yet to find it! I also have the Printemps in another cw - love this design too!

  8. Hello Sushi Queen - I know I am SO lucky!! It shows that they are still out there so keep looking! Printemps is a super design, glad to be cousins! SAx

  9. Congrats on your two new scarves! The touches of red on your grail Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanche are wonderful. And the PE69AW70 is a lovely neutral. (the two scarves I have in the same design and size are my current favorites) Hope you wear both scarves in good health.

    P.S. Yum to the praline macrons.

  10. Thank you SMR and yay we are scarf cousins!! Yes the macs are delish! SAx

  11. When in Naples in January I saw them redecorating the windows with Printemps Ete 69 Automne Hiver 70. Alas I did not gave up to it (my husband is always mosking at the number of the orange boxes at my scarves department at home:)
    And I regret it now...
    COngrats on both purchases - they are marvellous!

  12. Thank you Adesigna! I learned that lesson too - so now I say if you see it buy it! Maybe you will find them again. SAx

  13. Congratulations on both grails, how amazing to have found the Jeu des Omnibus!

  14. Thank you MaiTai - I could not believe my luck after all this time! SAx