Saturday, 26 February 2011

Plumes Mousseline

I called into a new vintage clothing shop yesterday near where I work and low and behold they had some Hermes scarves.  I found a 90cm mousseline in the Plumes design - I only have a gavroche in mousseline silk so the price for this 90cm was a bargain so it came home with me and was a perfect match with my salmon coloured sweater!  The pictures are not brilliant as I was in a hurry so please forgive me! 

Detail - this is the feather of a Jay.

The colour was perfect with my sweater and the scarf is so light - just like a feather LOL!!


  1. Wonderful find and congrats on the perfect match!

    Don't you just love mousseline scarves... so light and airy and actually somewhat warm? H mousseline stoles became an obsession at one point and I finally had to put myself on a ban. ;-)

    Enjoy. And good weekend wishes. xxxS

  2. Wonderful scarf and combination with sweater!

  3. Hi SMR - thank you! I can imagine the mousselines being warm, but I was thrilled to find this one.

    Hi Tereza - indeed and thank you!

    Best wishes SAx

  4. The scarf gods have been smiling at you yet again, dear Scarf Addict! Another fabulous and lucky find, congratulations on this beautiful mousse :)

  5. Scarf Addict, what a great find! Les Plumes is a beautiful classic design, I've got one 90 and a pointu and wear them very often but your mousse is perfect for spring and the colors are so you, Congratulations!

  6. MaiTai - thank you - I have been lucky!

    Birkinmary - happy to be twins/cousins with you it is a lovely design ;-)