Saturday, 21 July 2012

Anyone for Tea?

When I was in London recently for the ballet I went for afternoon tea at The Berkeley famous for its "Pret a Portea" it was lovely!
My place setting.

Bespoke china by Paul Smith for Thomas Goode.
Champers to start and a posh pink 
shoe name plate!

Inside the menu booklet.

The menu - blown up so you can read it hopefully!

Delicious sandwiches.

The tea stand arrives!
The savouries and gaspacho soup - yum!
The first layer of cakes.

The fancy top tier.

Top tier mousses and Louboutin Shoe!

Detail of the mini cakes - flowers and all.

This cake had popping candy on it!!

Think you can see the detail better here.

A little early present - today's the day though!

I love this flower art!
What a great tea pot!

I would highly recommend this afternoon tea for its novelty factor, and they were very generous with the helpings too - you could have seconds of everything!!  Some ladies had goodie bags to "pret a portea" their uneaten nibbles! The waiters explained the cakes etc to you and there was a small handbag shaped leaflet detailing the season to take home - I forgot to take a photo of mine to put on here.  No matter, I hope you enjoyed seeing this little treat!


  1. Oh how absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for showing the menu, tho how one could choose is beyond me. The little blue purse is exquisite, but then so is the little green shoe ...

    1. Hi Patricia - the best thing is you don't have to choose you get them all LOL!!! It was lovely and the staff were great - so attentive! The blue purse was the D&G and contained a very delicious blueberry sponge cake yum! SAx

  2. Very Happy Birthday wishes to you, dear SA. What a lovely tea you enjoyed.


    1. Thank you CS!!! It was just perfect and very yummy indeed! SAx

  3. Dear Scarf Addict,

    What a wonderful post - so colourful! How delightful is afternoon tea at the Berkley....

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday, with love and best wishes,


  4. Hi PP - yes it was super! I really enjoyed it. Need to go again though but I will wait until the new AW11/12 menu comes out!! It's such a clever idea andI wish they had carried on their Jubilee Tea a bit longer! STYS, SAxx

  5. Happy Birthday!

    What a memorable tea for a birthday celebration!

    (Already looking forward to seeing your photos from the AW11/12 menu!)

    1. Thank you MiaT - yes I think I will have to do the AW12 menu too LOL! Just a case of fitting it all in - time wise! SAx

  6. Oh Happy Birthday dear SA - what a glorious way to celebrate. I'd certainly like to 'work' that menu - delicious!

    What ballet did you see? I haven't been this year what with one thing and another, and have real Covent Garden withdrawal symptoms.... must go over to ROH site and see what's coming up! xxx

    1. Thanks you Mrs Exeter - it was a lovely treat indeed! I went to see Prince of the Pagodas and the Birthday Offering/Month in the Country/Les Noces Triple Bill but I ended up going back to see the triple again the following week as I forgot it was a 7pm early start so I missed Birthday Offering itself SO annoyed! Anyway it was all fabulous. Next season they have Natalia Osipova guesting with Acosta in Swan Lake - 10/13 &25 October - one to see IMHO! SAx

  7. Happy birthday!
    (What a fancy designer menu, really classy and fancy.)

    1. Thank you M - hope you are OK! yes it was a fancy menu etc.. very nice though! It is a clever concept and must be hard work for the pastry chefs! SAx

  8. Wonderful and tasty looking tea service dear H. Wish I were there joining you! I love having tea in the afternoons. Very pretty tea service set too.

  9. It would have been lovely have tea for two! Next time you are in London......I'll see you there! SAx