Sunday, 1 July 2012

Canada Day!

I was just in London for the weekend and just before I had to go for my train I had time to pay a quick visit to the Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square - apparently it is the biggest Canada Day celebration outside Canada!  Anyway to any Canadian readers - I hope you had a great 145th National Day!!
Canada House in London.

Trafalgar Square celebrates with Canada!
There was street hockey....

Getting ready for the match Team Maple Leaf
 in green.

A wonderful male choir - conducted by the 
lady in white.

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounties.

A message from the Canadian PM.....

...but the sound failed!!!

The Canadian High Commissioner opens the event.

The National Anthem is sung...

The Mounties salute the anthem.

So smart!

A plastic RCM horse!  As I had to
go I could not "Meet the Mounties" at 12.30
I really hope that I didn't miss any real horses
Health & Safety gets everywhere even
the plastic horse was a no go area LOL!
As you know it is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 
and Canada is celebrating too!

Diana, Princess of Wales, celebrates her 22nd birthday at the opening of Universiade ’83 on Canada Day.
Photo Edmonton Journal
Canada shares its birthday with Princess Diana
here she is on her birthday in Canada 1 July 1983.
And in colour - photo n/k.


  1. How lovely of you to share these beautiful pictures of Canada Day in London with us. Here in Montreal we celebrated also with friends from London in a place known as the old port of Montreal, the weather was perfect.
    My family was on 'the hill' in Ottawa, the year pricess Diana came to visit us, she was a picture wasn't she? Gracious and smiling she stole our hearts, my two sons, teens at the time were totally smitten as was their Dad but then weren't we all? Lovely memories, merci beaucoups!

  2. Glad you liked the post Connie! I'm so glad you saw Diana too - she was lovely. Sounds like you had a good time on your national day but I am so cross I missed "meet the Mounties" even if they had no real horses LOL!!! SA:-)

  3. Dear SA,

    Doesn't it all happen in London! I think I'm going to plan a trip...

    How lovely to see Diana - I do miss her, no one will ever replace her and we were lucky to have known her.

    I can't really remember but did Diana wear scarves I wonder??


  4. Hi PP! No I don't think Diana was a great scarf wearer I know Paul Burrell said her favourite perfume was Hermes Faubourg 24 though! Yes it all happens in London - just avoid the Olympic an Paralympic dates if you wan to go soon! SAx

  5. A riot of red! look's like you really got into the Canadian groove! x

  6. It was shaping up to be good fun but sadly I had the train to catch! It's nice to see people making an effort. SAx