Monday, 30 July 2012

Althorp Trip

I went to Althorp on Saturday home of the Spencer family.  I had not been for a while so figured it was time to go again.  I had a lovely day there - only marred by my camera batteries packing up early despite having been on charge overnight and the lights being green - very annoying! Anyway I was able to leave the Estate to go and find batteries and come back no problem.

The House as you see it from the road.

First up the Royal Wedding dress from 1981 - it was 31 years to the day yesterday.  Photos aren't really allowed but with my monitor off and flash off I managed to sneak some pictures that is why they are a bit fuzzy!
The huge sleeves on the dress.

The Royal Wedding ensemble.

Photo of Diana dedicated to her Father.

Wedding cake box.

The dress by Emanuel.

Bespoke wedding shoes by Clive Shilton.

A 1980 Christmas card from Prince Charles to
his "tap-dancing partner".

Another group view.

The magnificent diamond earrings Diana
wore on her big day.

A nice shot of the bodice with
 floral basket of lace. 

Wedding parasol, pochette and shoes.

2 of the bridesmaids dresses.

A side view.

And another close up of the bodice.
The Spencer Tiara.

I am very lucky to own a copy of the book A Dress for Diana which is signed by both David and Elizabeth Emanuel and this tells the story behind the dress - can you believe I have not read it yet!  Must do better.


  1. It is hard to believe it has been 31 years - I remember it so well. We sat around the TV eating chocolates and watching every minute. Lovely photos and it is really nice to know Diana's dress and the other pieces are displayed in her family home. Thank you for sharing it with the blog world :)

    1. You're welcome Patricia! I was in Germany for the RW and my cousins only had black and white TV - shock horror - I've not really forgiven my Mother for making me miss the RW in the UK :-( I will be posting some more photos soon so stay tuned! SAx

  2. Dear Scarf Addict,

    What a lovely post ~ I do still miss Diana...

    How gorgeous is the Spencer Tiara!! I'm surprised Emily didn't wear it at her wedding recently but then maybe it wasn't to her style.

    Looks like a nice day weather wise, we've got rain again today and lots of it...


  3. Hi PP, yes me too! It was lovely to see Althorp again. Don;t mention the rain it is like winter and not set to get any better!! SAx

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pics! and the stunning Spencer tiara also - I must visit one day... x

  5. Hi Elle, yes you must go you'd love it there! Thanks for the photo "love"! SAx

  6. Dear Scarf Addict,

    Do you have an email address I could contact you on? I am looking for a scarf lover to review some luxury printed scarves, would you be interested?

    Thank you
    Gina x

    1. Hi Gina yes I would be happy to help - if you leave a comment with your email then I will email you but not publish your comment to keep us all private! SA:-)

    2. Hi Gina I tried to email you but Mailer Demon bounced it back - could be a recognition issue if you have spam defender on? SA