Saturday, 10 November 2012

More Alexander McQueen than Hermes?

The pavement display windows on Ku'dam Berlin.
I was in Berlin last weekend and FINALLY got my hands on possibly the most coveted scarf of the AW12 season and then it is a men's department scarf LOL!  It was not my first choice of colourway but I think it is nice.  It is extremely frustrating that Hermes stocks seem so sporadic.  So many TPFers have had trouble - it has been a complete nightmare trying to get this scarf and the same goes for Galop Chromatique - how is it this happens every year that one or two scarves are so elusive?  Hermes just do not seem to have very good stock control/logistics if you ask me.  Anyway let's get on and see what I got if you haven't guessed already!!  The flash off the camera has bleached out the colours a bit - they are much richer IRL.

The shop window display.

The bag.....

The lovely SA kindly put my new purchase in the
2012 Christmas box....
Galop Chromatique and festive ribbon - I am beginning to 
think this is the only version of GC I am going to find!

A little box inside reveals....

Something blue/grey/prune...

C'est La Fete -very Alexander McQueen I think!

The amazing skeleton horseman.

You can just make out the title at the top of this pic.

A corner detail - another skeleton horse.

And another 2!

Scarf detail cw05.  Apparently there have been 
quite some mix ups on with this cw
and cw04 being confused and people receiving 
the wrong cw - tut tut!

Half bow cross over with 
MT moyenne scarf ring.

Cross over with ring as before.

Equestrian secured with scarf ring.

A Friendship Knot - or should it be renamed a 
Fiendship for this scary scarf?!

Cossack/Cowboy style.

Same again but with navy cardigan.

A simple cowboy/drape.


  1. Congrats on your gorgeous scarf! So very hard to find. I love the new Christmas boxes too, hopefully I can find my next purchase wrapped in one!


    1. Thank you Elle - am sure you'll get a box! SAx

  2. Indeed, this scarf is very Alexander McQueen! Congratulations for your new addition, especially after the long wait for this model. The colors are particularly chic… Especially the aubergine color works so well against your navy sweater… Just one word, BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thank you Iris - yes the navy works well with prune! SAx

  3. The skeleton reminds me of James Jean's artwork.
    He released a scarf with similar elements a while ago.

    1. Thank you for the interesting link Anon - interesting! SA:-)

  4. This is a fab design, still not sure about the best c/w for me. By the time I get to decide, there will be no stock. :(

    1. Hi Bienchen - hope you are well! Glad you like CLF as well. Would the khaki version be a good match for you? Stocks seem so limited anyway that there IS no choice when you find one - crazy system! Hope you do find one. SA :-)

  5. I have the same CW like you and it was not my first choice. But in this design you must buy what you can get :( However i have the scarf and i love it now.

  6. This is quite possibly my favourite Hermes scarf design (but I am a big fan of Alexander McQueen scarves). As a scarf fanatic, I was a little late coming to Hermes, and as a result missed out on this scarf. I am praying that Hermes one day re-release the design in new colourways. I have seen many for sale on ebay, but I am not willing to take the risk of buying a potential fake.

  7. Hi Lucy - re-reading this post reminded me of the trouble I had getting hold of this design let alone 2 cws! It was really quite ridiculous at the time. Nowadays I buy much fewer Hermes scarves mainly due to the price, but also I have so many now that a design really has to be special to tempt me and you can't wear them all either! I hope you will find a C'est La Fete one day. SAx