Sunday, 15 September 2013

Windy weather!

Well the UK summer is but a distant memory - the grey skies and rain have returned and today the WIND has arrived too!  I went for a very bracing walk at the beach this morning- there is a walled sailing lake there which is kept full of water by the twice daily tide.  I really wanted to walk the perimeter wall today (trying to do my bit to keep fit) but the wind was so strong I was having to fight it to walk along, so I did not dare walk the wall in case I ended up IN the lake LOL!!!  Anyway it was a windsurfer's paradise today so here are few pics from my walk.
Hilbre Island lies off the coast in the distance - it is 
a lovely place to visit and the largest of 3 islands.  
You can be marooned there if you wish if you time the 
tides right!  The island to the left is called Middle Eye.

Here is one of the surfers with the North Wales
coast in the background.

You can make out the waves and how rough 
the sea is in the far distance behind Little Eye 
- the smallest of the 3 of the islands.

A solitary Cormorant seabird flies elegantly by.

Choppy sea and surfers.

The surfers get up quite some speed when
they catch the wind in their sails.

Just about to crash land!

The sky was really grey and looks laden with rain!

A surfer and Hilbre.

A lovely snowy white gull.  He was very shy!

And some more gulls bobbing along on 
the waves.  
Hope you enjoyed seeing my walk!


  1. Beautiful pictures - looks like you had a wonderful day, despite the wind.
    I love to walk by the beach, too.
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

  2. These pictures take me back a couple of years! I recall a good ice cream shop..... Have a great week, x

  3. Even with the 'not so nice' weather it still looks very picturesque!

    Hope you had a pleasant walk in any event.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos...


  4. Lovely pictures. I am wondering what you think of the new Maxi-Twillys? There is an adorable video on the Hermes site, and they do look tempting. Thank you.