Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ducklings Update

Well my sister's ducklings are now fully grown ducks and have learned how to fly!  We call them the Super 6.
Lazing by the pond.

Swimming off lead by mum.

Looking for food watched by mum at the back!

My how you have grown!

Toddling off back towards the pond.

Testing out one's flying instruments - ready for the eventual departure!


  1. Dear SA, I love the seasonal baby duck update! So adorable ! :-) NN

  2. Oh, I love a little flock of ducklings, and these are too cute. Yesterday I had to bring my car to a complete halt to let a small duck march importantly across the road. It did not attempt to hurry, just considered itself within a duck's rights :)

  3. So glad to see them growing up - we had a duck nest by our front door a couple of years ago, a disastrous choice - so far to get them to water, I hope Momma Duck did get them there safely but I am not so sure xx

    1. Oh so many ducks nest far from the water = we had Shellducks pass by our house last year that were toddling to the sea it was miles! Crazy creatures! You'd be surprised how far they can go! SAx

  4. Well the Super 6 have flown in for dinner! Their feathers are changing so we think it's 3 males and 3 females...exciting. Mummy duck is still with them - they are like the red arrows when they fly in formation.

    I can't believe all the weeds in the photos?! Thank goodness for my weedkiller!