Sunday, 6 July 2014

New Scarf

After my trips to Northern Ireland I felt I needed a souvenir and what better than one of the SS14 Hermes scarves?  The perfect design in fact:-
Scarf box and new knot cards set #5

A sneaky glimpse

Fish and sea life.

De La Mer Au Ciel - Of the Sea and Sky

The epicentre of the design.
A beautiful Fulmar along the Causeway cliffs

The stylish Children of Lir swans
One of the many birds featured on the scarf design.
Seaweed at Ballintoy

Sea vegetation and a star fish

By Toutsy (Laurence Bourthoumieux).
The little green fish on the Causeway

And here more fish in the design.
The colourful seaweeds on the Causeway....

and picked out again in the scarf

Full view of the design.

I like the circle of fish and how it morphs 
into birds and the clever way the waves 
are done so it looks like you are peering 
into the depths of the sea in the bottom 
diagonal of the scarf and then you 
have the sky above.

Folded on one diagonal gives one look...a 
bit plainer here....

...and the other diagonal another - busier here.

The Hermes website has this background information on the design by Laurence Bourthoumieux:-

Fish, like sea-butterflies, metamorphose to greet the sky.' With these words, Laurence Bourthoumieux describes her teeming, rippling composition of harmonious curves, their meandering forms evoking the ocean depths, and skies full of birds and butterflies. The design is – quite literally – a picture of metamorphosis in action, a vision of a world floating and flying free of gravity itself; a fluid, dreamlike world where shapes, colours and light are transformed from one moment to the next. Centuries ago, the sky was sometimes thought to be composed of the same elements as the sea. And in ancient Greece, fish were among the attributes of Aphrodite, the goddess  of love, born – like this silken bestiary – of the ocean spray.

Next time I will post photos of my scarf in action.


  1. stunning scarf!!! I always buy a souvenir scarf too! x

    1. LOL Faux Fuschia - it is nice to attach memories to a scarf and have an excuse to buy another ;-) SAx

  2. What a gorgeous scarf. Hermes does blues and greens so very well. Can't wait to see mod pics!

    1. Hello Jill - thank you! I'll be posting the pics soon! SA :-)

  3. What a lovely scarf! You've tied it in beautifully with the photos from your trip. Congratulations on a great score. :-)

    1. Thank you CS - this scarf was so easy to link to my trip! Glad you likey. SA:-)

  4. Thank you for showing us your beautiful new scarf, it is exquisite and I love the way you juxtapose pics of your real life sea and sky.

    1. Hello Blighty - thank you! I think Hermes did a lovely job no this scarf and I could not have wished to find a more fitting reminder of my trips to Northern Ireland! SA :-)