Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wearing De La Mer au Ciel

As promised in my previous post here are some photos of my new scarf to showcase how it looks when worn in different knots and tying styles.  I have used my MaiTai Collection scarf/shawl rings throughout along with a silver band ring from QVC.  Please note my pink jumper has come out rather coral in the photos - no idea why LOL!!!
De La Mer au Ciel

Some of the waves that inspired the purchase.
Simple bias fold and drape

Half Ascot Knot.

Friendship Knot.

3 knot scarf necklace

Bias fold secured with scarf ring.

Half bow made with MT scarf ring.

Slip knot made with MT scarf ring.

Cossack style.

Cossack on a different diagonal.

Cowboy tied with MT scarf ring.

Classic equestrian look with MT ring

Asymetrical Half Ascot tied to the side
Not sure what to call this - the scarf is folded in half to make a rectangle then you pick up diagonally opposite corners, put it round your shoulders and pull to the front and secured with scarf ring.

The same as above just pulled to the side which looks much nicer.

Or pulled to the other side which shows off different parts of the design.

Folded on the square and draped.


Bias fold and drape

Bow made with MT scarf ring.

Bias fold draped and secured with MT scarf ring.

Another bow made using MT scarf ring.

The same bow just pulled tight.

Or pulled out more to make a fuller look.

The scarf on display in the window at Hermes Venice in February - I knew then I'd have to have it but my Causeway trips gave me the excuse LOL!  Hope you enjoyed seeing the scarf in action.


  1. Thank you for these modeling pictures. It is such a gorgeous scarf and you wear it well, in so many different ways!

    1. Thank you Jill - glad you enjoyed the post! SA:-)

  2. Wow, this scarf looks even more stunning when worn and I love that you have show us so many different knots/ways of wearing it. It looks really great against your pink jumper too, seems to bring out the greens and blues even more. Scarf heaven! Bx

    1. Thank you Blighty! I like to try out as many ways that I can think of when playing with the scarves as sometimes they can surprise you! I agree the pink jumper really did draw out the colours as you say! SAx

  3. These are wonderful ways with scarves, which I will try to print out for myself. All so clever. Your scarf is absolutely beautiful. We are finally going on our postponed trip to Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. I want to buy a Hermes scarf (of course I do!) - do you have any suggestions as to the best city or shop to source one at a good price? Lovely post xx

    1. Hi Patricia - glad you like the scarf looks! Hmm well I haven only been to Paris and Venice out of your list - Paris has 3 shops plus the Duty Frees at CDG airport which is where I have found a 2 scarves (separatte occasions) when they were nowhere in the shops. At Paris Rue de Sevres I have struck lucky with an older design too - you simply must visit Rue De Sevres just to see the building though it is very impressive! Venice is a smaller shop but they do occasionally have Venice Specials like Rialto or Trophees de Venise. The prices will be the same in all 4 cities as they are all Euro countries. You may well get the VAT/tax off as well if your country has an arrangement so that will make them really cheap (-20%?) you should ask. I hope you strike lucky and find a wonderful souvenir - bon voyage my dear friend and have an ice cream and Aperol Spritz for me in Venice ;-) SAx

  4. This is truly breath-taking!!! I love how you have shown us so many amazing ways to tie your new scarf! I love this and never I would want this scarf until your beautiful pictures! WOW! Now, I want one, too!!!

    1. Hi Laura glad you like the scarf...I am glad you feel you need the scarf too! However there are lots of lovely colourways so try before you buy. This one is not my only one:-) I will be revealing another one soon. SA

  5. I absolutely LOVE your new scarf and the many ways you have tied it!
    Thank you for the inspiration and the enabling! I do believe I need this scarf!!!

    1. Hi Ladybaga great to her from you, sorry I have been absent from TPF, glad you like the scarf it is a great design imho! I know you love the blues so you were bound to love this one but I think you may like the next one I show too! Apologies in advance if I have over-enabled! SAx

  6. Love this post, really great!!
    I also have a blog about scarves and accessories if you want to take a look!!

  7. Wow, love all your model pictures :-)) Recently got into the 'H scarf' fever too and now I know there is more than "ONE" way to tie my (small collection of) scarfs and plisses. Thank you for sharing !!!!!!!!!!