Sunday, 31 August 2014

New York Souevnier Part 2

So now I have 2 De La Mer au Ciels - you can see the first one here and wearing it here - I hope you will quickly see why I had to have the 2 cws - they are very different.  I have to say that navy blue and I go well together it is "my" true colour  - I don't know what it is but whenever I wear the navy (as opposed to my beloved pink) something just clicks and looks so right.  Do you have a colour that clicks for you?
Anyway let's see the new scarf in action:-
Simple bias diagonal fold and drape.

And on the opposite diagonal fold.

Half Ascot Knot

Half bow knot using a scarf ring

Equestrian look secured with scarf ring 
in MoP which matches perfectly both in 
colour and being a material from the sea!

Equestrian tied with Half Ascot Knot.

And same again on the other diagonal....totally 
different look!

Friendship Knot.

Another look at the blue diagonal drape!

Now tied/secured with my silver ring.

And then the by-pass "knot" using 
the ring as shown below

By pass knot - not really a knot but pass 
the ends of the scarf on the horizontal 
through the ring which lies sideways 
for this look.

The Butterfly Knot made with the ring.

The blue side  for another half bow knot.

Cossack - blue side.

Cossack grey side.

Cowboy blue side - secured with 
MoP scarf ring.

Cowboy with ends left loose.

Shoulder wrap with butterfly knot.

Another shoulder wrap.

And the above knot pulled to the side for 
a classy look.

Scarf draped - folded on the square.

And the same square fold drape on 
another side of the scarf.

 This scarf certainly is versatile and I have a 
feeling it will work with lots of other colours.  
I think this is another neutral a bit like the 
La Femme aux Semmelles de Vent in the 
neutrals that I have.  SO glad I got this one!



  1. I have this cw also and love it. It reminds me of Coupons INdiens, which I missed, having such varied diagonals. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for sharing the many ways of tying your beautiful new scarf, it is very lovely, looks gorgeous all ways but I especially like the grey tones showing when you tied in it the equestrian knot, very elegant.