Sunday, 24 August 2014

New York Souvenir Part 1

Well I did have time to shop at Hermes and with the £/$ being in my favour I made quite a good saving too which is always good!  So let's see what I brought home:-
The usual orange box...

Cool neutrals revealed....

Yes I had to have another cw of De La Mer Au Ciel!

Birds flying.

Waves crashing.

Fish swimming.

Sea vegetation swaying in the currents.

Lovely sea life amazing how different this cw makes it look!

The full view.

Another 2 in 1 scarf using the 2 greys here...

Strong blue, black and white here.

Wait til you see it worn - I am really excited about this scarf!


  1. So beautiful! I Love the blue-beige/grey colour combinations! Congratulation, great choice!

    1. Hi Tereza - great to hear from you! Glad you like the scarf. It really works well as I hope you will see from the modelling pics to be posted soon! SAx

  2. Oh this is really gorgeous. Did you get it from the Madison Avenue boutique?

    1. Hi Jill - yes it was the Madison Avenue boutique - I never knew it was so big and I forgot to take a photos of the scarves the horseman was flying :-( nevermind I think I may be going again in December! Glad you like it I am really pleased with it! SAx

  3. Loved the previous post on all the NYC sights - "only in America" sprung to mind with all of the lovely goodies and the ATM?!

    CW on the scarf is lovely and again I'm loving all these two in one scarves - it's SO cold for August here at the moment I've got my scarves in winter styles and even had one on with a fur collar on Friday....the fire is roaring as we speak - just crazy!


  4. This scarf is delicious. I love how you knotted it too. So much scarf knotting inspiration for me!