Monday, 22 August 2011

And the last box....for now!

On my last trip to London I got the cw I was waiting for - I gave up on Harrods and when I saw Selfridges had the cw I wanted I got it while I saw it as I think this is going to be a popular scarf this Autumn.  Talking of Autumn has any else noticed how the trees are already turning to red and gold?  This is very early!
Anyway back to the scarf:-

My second cw of L'Arbre de Vie cw 11. 

Here is the detail a bit closer up.  I love the lilac branches in this one.
The references again and another contrast hem in grey.

Worn Cowboy Style, with flash...
 without flash - quite a difference!

 The Friendship Knot (instructions here)

 Here worn with a scarf ring with one end passed through the loop.

Half Ascot Knot (instructions here)

"Cheats Tie" with Charms Fer a Cheval scarf ring.

Just do a single knot taking care to "place" the top tail end "flat" over the knot then slip your scarf ring up the 2 ends to hold it in place to look like a tie - simple!
And lastly worn with black to show this scarf's versatility.
I think the black brings out the "vert" grey-greens.

Now I think my wallet and I both need a break from buying scarves!


  1. Thankyou for sharing this one.As I said when you posted the dark grey L'Arbre , this design just gets better and better .I'm sure you'll love wearing them ,and your colour choice is perfect .I love how the 'leaves' and the background interreact so harmoniously.

  2. Estrella - Thank you - I felt a bit awkward posting yet another scarf but I really felt that if I did not buy this one when I saw it I would lose it forever! These colours are so jolly whereas the other one is more subtle they will both be lovely to wear I am sure! SAx

  3. Superb choice, Scarfie, really like the cowboy knot with this one. Of course you have something brandnew to show off on "Multiples" week, what a bonus. I still have not scheduled a trip to London and hope I won't miss out. Saw most c/w of this design a few weeks agobut did not buy one then as I was picking up my ExL GM and my wallet was having palpitations.

  4. Such a pretty scarf and just the thing for autumn - its nice to have something to look forward to wearing at this time of year :)

  5. Hm...this is the scarf which would suit me fantastically! My wallet is in big danger and I do not know where to hide it from myself. For a month or more, I have been thinking about the scarf with something green, some khaki, orange and red and now it pops up here.I have not been aware of this cw - you are very much right with your decision, I would do the same. Better to buy than to regret! Hugs, Maria

  6. Great purchase!!! I love this cw and design so much! It looks great with many colors! And my favourite for this season!

  7. Oh, my, Scarf Addict, you picked out some gorgeous ones, didn't you? I love the vivid colors of the dragon, and they suit you very well. I've seen L'Arbre de Vie in cw 11, the last one, and agree that it is stunning. I like how you've picked up the lilac in the branches and paired it with your sweater. Very nice. Now all I need to do is track down cw 05 and try that for myself. It, too, looks very nice on you.
    Cheers! CS

  8. Don't EVER feel guilty about posting another , and another scarf.. Seriously you've taught me that buying H scarves , one shouldn't be dilatory about snapping up the designs that appeal.
    We so look forward to your reveals, don't disappoint us !

  9. Bienchen - thank you! Harrods and Selfridges had multiples of each cw in their drawers they must have had about 6 on cw 05 in Harrods! Hope you get one! SA:-)

    Mrs Exeter - yes that is a good way of looking at it! Not only does this scarf look like autumn leaves but it could pass for Christmas baubles too LOL!

  10. Maria - thank you! Glad you like - I just hope I am not leading you astray!! SAx

    Tereza - I totally agree with you - I have seen your L'Arbre on your blog and it looks great! SA:-)

  11. CS thank you so much - glad you like and I hope you can find a cw05 - it really is not a cw I would normally go for but after I found the Dame de Coeur in similar tones I really like this palette that H are doing - greys with a splash of turquoise with another neutral - I think they will serve us well as they are "neutrally classic " and go with lots of things. SA:-)

    Estrella - ahh thank you for the reassurance, that is very kind! SAx

  12. Gorgeous...I am very tempted by this cw in the GM shawl. They look the same online; have you seen the shawl? Congratulations to you.


  13. Your collection is absolutely amazing!! I love the half ascot knot! :)

  14. Pamela thank you- I have not seen any GMs except online - there is one with fab blue leaves too! It is a great design! SA:-)

    Coco Draws - thank you very much glad you like! SA :-))

  15. Congratulations on your latest treasure, dear Scarf Addict. You wear her beautifully and it's great to see her tied in so many different knots, thank you for sharing.

  16. Scarf Addict

    You photos are lovely. You do master the art of scarves. You know how to choose, fold and knot it brilliantly.
    I'm a follower of you blog.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I do share the love for scarves.


  17. Thank you QT, a link is Ok as well. SA

  18. Hi, love all the scarfs !! :)
    I really like your blog, I follow you :D !!
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)