Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Busy Time!

I have been quiet in blogger land recently because it has been the Mariinsky Ballet season.  This has meant my spare time has been spent going (what seems) like up and down the country to London and back to catch the different performances.  I am just on the train home now, the season having finished last night - I am tired out now!  I have not even been able to blog about my return visit to Highgrove! Anyway I managed to see Don Quixote, Swan Lake and 2 La Bayaderes plus a performance of the amazing Chinese Acrobatic Swan Lake - Swan Lake as you have never quite seen it before - catch it if you can!   On my trips I have managed to visit Buckingham Palace and there I was able to see the Queen's wonderful Faberge and the Duchess of Cambridge's magnificent wedding dress and cake!  I am going back soon to see it again.  Of course no trip(s) to London are complete without a visit to Hermes at Harrods or Selfridges - watch this space my scarfie friends.....


  1. I saw the Mariinsky Swan Lake last Sat and was blown away - I expected the Russians to be technically perfect, but they had so much heart as well it was unbelivable. I enjoyed it more than Royal Ballet version earlier this year (and prefer Russian ending). I wish I could have seen Bayadere or Don Quixote too - next year maybe!

    Get your breath back then tell us everything about Highgrove, Hermes and the Palace (you have a LOT of energy!). xxx

  2. Love to know more about the acrobatic Swan Lake ...I've seen the wonderful all male version and now another take on it ...

    Very much looking forward to REVEALS , I visited Harrods last week and passed on a Ex Libris en Kimonos which I now regret .

    As a relative greenhorn in Hermes reincarnation scarves, I wondered if some scarves become impossible to find from day 1 ?

    I like to see a range of colour options before deciding.
    Years ago , I would think OK I need a new scarf and off I went to buy whatever they had . i had no conception of the vast numbers of designs. I thought there may be 20 or so !

  3. Yea! (clapping) This sounds like it could be treat for our eyes! I'm looking forward to seeing your new treasures!

  4. Mrs Exeter - yes SL was fab and the corps de ballet were amazing - the Kingdom of the Shades was great too but the swans had the edge. DonQ is just non stop fun and my all time fave ballet! Roll on next summer and the Bolshoi visit SA:-)

    Estrella - the Chinese Swan Lake is amazing - lots of fun catch it if you can - the Coliseum has finished but they move on to Cardiff then Birmignham - I am going to Brum as it is not so far for me because it is well worth seeing more than once.
    I too like to see all the cws if I can but these days it seems that certains cws sell out fast so I tend to buy them when I see them! I wonder how many of each cw H actually make worldwide? SA:-)

    CS - yes I need to take some pics then I can reveal all!! SA:-)

  5. Can't wait to see dear SA.... I'll be watching.

    P.S. I did give in and get the L'Arbre de Vie GM! Can't wait to hear if you did too.

  6. Dear Scarf Addict,

    I hope you're well! I can't wait to see all the new 'H' goodies! I think I may have found a Ferroniere ~ at last!! AND I may be able to be scarf twins with M with a plisse - don't tell her - it's for Christmas...


  7. Congrats dear SMR!!! I bet your L'Arbre GM is TDF! Enjoy! SA:-)

  8. PP - jolly good I know you have been after one for a while! Think I know the plisse you have seen too ;-) SAx