Friday, 19 August 2011

The Next Box....

On my first trip to London for the ballet, I got a scarf I have been wanting since I saw it on TPF.  There were a lot of cws to choose from but I eventually whittled it down to 2.

Any guesses what it is?

Here it is in full, L'Arbre de Vie - Tree of Life by Christine Henry.

The details in this scarf are wonderful - each leaf has a different design and then there are lots of little creatures all over the tree, but depending on the cw you can see them or not - I tried to choose cws where you can see the creatures as well as the lovely leaves.  It is a beautiful design IMHO!

The name, reference and artist's signature.  Note the contrast hem as well!

This scarf is another chameleon it seems to match my pink sweater far better than I could ever have imagined!

A Friendship Knot (instructions here)
An Equestrian/Half Ascot Knot (instructions here)

 A wrap aorund using a scarf ring.

The same wrap around but using my (new to me) Hermes scarf ring.

I got this beauty off Ebay it was quite a bargain!

 And finally the Cossack.

I hope you like!


  1. Scarfie, the outfit is fabulous. All the variations show beauty of this scarf, however, I adore your pink cardigan with the scarf in its full luster. Truly amazing. I have been browsing Internet for cashmere scarves in nice colours, but I hesitate so much...not sure about the quality. It is even harder with scarves...the magic develops when you see and touch them and change your mind although you did not intend to buy...Very, very nice. The scarf is subtle and lavish at the same time and very much reminds me of LFSDV and its inner beauty which shines towards outside. I must keep far away from my favourite H boutique, otherwise...LOL. Hugs, Maria

  2. Great buy! I like how this design looks tied!! Such a soft c/w--good choice!

  3. Scarfie, that's a great addition to your silk drawer. Thanks for sharing the different knots, too. Very pretty and wearable colours and a contrast hem, too... bliss. I am still debating 3 colourways and can't decide. Really should not leave it much longer as otherwise it may well sell out. On a different note, does Hermes at Harrods honour the 10% discount events?

  4. Oh I'm so with you on this being one of those all time great designs .I find all Christine Henry's designs beautiful and somehow aristocratic in scarfworld .My first impression was a little underwhelming as it seemed a little 'safe' .But the more I see the more I love : for me that's the right way round .This scarf in red is so lovely IRL, and now this one of yours is divine!
    I can't decide whether to slurge on a GM cashmere in blue ,or go for the red silk .....

  5. Great new carre, dear Scarf Addict! I love L'Arbre de Vie! Your cw is very nice and looks great with a pink sweater! Congratulations!

  6. Maria - thank you, glad you like, but I too, like you, must now stay away from H!! SAx

    LaP - merci a vous! SA:-))

    Bienchen - thank you - I think this design will look great on you - can;t wait to see which one you get! Nope sadly Hermes at Harrods do not take part in the 10% discount days, just Reward Points, if only! I missed out on a load by buying in Selfridges a case of they had the colour so I HAD to buy while I saw SA:-))

    Estrella - yes I agree this one was "nice" when I first saw it but it is a "grower" the more you look the more you see! Oh the white cashmrere with blue leaves is TDF in the photos I have seen of it...hope you get what you want! SAx

    Tereza - Thank you - we are scarf cousins I think but also we may be twins - see my next post SA ;-)

  7. Thank you Scarfie, I thought that might be the case re Harrods, shame though. And congratulations again on AdV.

  8. Gorgeous! Congrats. Happy to be one of your scarf cousins too.

  9. SMR - thank you! Glad to be cousins with you too! SA:-)

    Bienchen - thank you! SA:-)

  10. Many congratulations on this beauty! Love all the variations too.

  11. I am curious and looking forward!

  12. MaiTai - thank you SA:-)

    Tereza - LOL! SA;-)