Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Small Box First....

OK I have taken some pics so here we go with a little reveal!!  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.
An orange box...

 Off with the ribbon and lid! 
 A little more colour to see...what can it be?
 What is it there?...ooh it's a square!
I love how the dragon has a smile on his face!  I was born in The Year of the Dragon in Chinese folklore, so getting one of these was a no brainer.  I would have liked a red dragon but the reddest one I could find was more orange IRL so I went for the blue dragon instead plus it has pink in it!!  I wonder if I should give him a name - any ideas readers?

 As the label says here is my new L'Annee Du Dragon Gavroche!
 A cowboy look.
 Tied simply around the neck.
 And a mini Half Ascot Knot to the front...
 ...and to the side
Hope you like!


  1. Oh, what a beautiful scarf! I truly like it, as it embodies so much energy (similar to you, isn't it?), it is beautiful design and ties wonderfully. I particularly adore the cowboy knot, which shows full beauty of your gavroche. Lately, I really use gavroches a lot and will continue - so nice sometimes not to have too much silk around the neck. Thank you for giving us insight into your treat!

  2. Perfect in purple! Snap, btw, fellow dragon here and I am considering this gavroche as well. I need a scarf in purple but a 90 is too big and I am fond of gavroches anyway.

  3. Anon - thank you and ITA gavs are handy in hot weather as they are easily stored in a bag if it is too hot! SA:-)

    Bienchen - thank you, glad you like and sounds just what you are looking for! Harrods had plenty of stock of most of the cws too! SA:-)

  4. Awww Scarfie - the dragon gavroche is perfect on you! So glad you got this to celebrate your Chinese Zodiac- that is a powerful animal sign! Such a lovely colorway - I am thinking of the orange/teal one, but too many other H choices on my wishlist. Congrats - and great photos! Please post on the forum for us to ogle!

  5. Very nice - I like the half ascot, so neat! I don't have any this size but am now very tempted by this one - so useful and pretty! xxx

  6. Lanit - thank you - I will I will! SA:-)

    Mrs E - thank you and glad you like SA:-)

  7. Brilliant buy , I'm fascinated by how fantastic this one looks in each and every tie.
    I passed on these ''year of'' gavroches as I couldn't see much in them laid flat .How wrong , this is one of those that wakes up when tied!
    I too adore gavroches and find so much use for them.

  8. Thank you Estrella! Hermes do have a knack of designing things to look good when tied! Next time that you are in H give one a try! SA:-)

  9. The friendly dragon is so cute, congrats on this lovely addition!