Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A little more Venice

It seems like forever since I was in Venice but it was only a week ago. I decided to get a 24 hours boat ticket because I wanted to visit the island of San Georgio Maggiore again so that I could go up the campanile to get some good aerial photos of Venice:-
View of San Georgio from the boat out 
to the island.

The iconic waterfront of Venice - the Campanile 
and Doges Palace with Torre D'Orelogico and 
Basilica S Marco in the middle background.

The entrance to the Grand Canal - the huge 
dome of the Santa Maria de la Salute 
can be seen in the middle.

The Rialto Bridge.

Santa Maria de la Salute by night.
The Rialto Bridge by night.

Cute or what?! This tiny little chap melted 
my heart and everyone else's too!

SO adorable. Not sure what he 
thought of the costume.

The bells on the masks were 
really interesting to the little 
one - cute tail too!


  1. I love arriving in Venice by water , so that view odf Saint Marco and Doges Palace was the first thing I saw of this magical place .
    These bring it all back , thankyou.

  2. Estrella - you're welcome! SA:-)

  3. the top pics remind me of not having been to venice in winter for way too long. beautiful, SA!

    litte donald is adorable! a pity he obviously didn't enjoy his costume very much - or was it maybe the cold weather or the many photographs taken?

  4. Hi edoep - ahh poor little Donald wanted to play with the bells on the masks but Mum and Dad were having none of it and wanted to go...poor little chap! Plus it was freezing cold and I think I'd hate being trussed up in bulky costume too! He was sooo sweet though. The weather was very clear and crisp and the sunshine was lovely - not like the constant grey we seem to have here in the UK. SA:-)