Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Wander Off The Beaten Track - London

When I was in London the other week I went to my favourite restaurant Marcus Wareing at The Berkley ( for lunch:-
Canapes - Lobster and Lime

Fish and Chip Soup - DELISH!

Papardele Pasta, Beurre Blance and Truffle.

Pork Belly with Pork Scratchings, Turnip, Peas Pudding yum!

Pre-dessert White Chocolate & Cherry Mousse 
topped with Redcurrant

Dessert - Flapjack with Yoghurt Cream and Salted Walnuts
Meringue and Redcurrant Jelly 

To Finish a 70% Chocolate Ganache
 and Gold Leaf

I forgot to take a photo of my starter which was Lobster with a ravioli and a lobster bisque - it was beautiful to look at and eat!

After we left the hotel we then went for a walk to find the Christian Louboutin Boutique but we passed by some nice sights:-
A magnificent stag sculpture in a front garden!

A beautiful terraced street

An adorable sculpture in another front garden!

And from behind.

A manicured piece of topiary?

A groovy "mirror" look paint job on the Mini!

Cork Louboutin Platforms - wonder if they float?

The CL Boutique

We were pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the SAs in the Louboutin boutique not that we bought anything - for me the shoes are too narrow, so I "only" have 2 pairs of the ankles boots but if I am honest they are not really comfy shoes so they get looked at rather than worn LOL!
After CL we went to Sloane Square checked out Liz Earle's skincare shop ( and then jewellers Kiki McDonough ( of interest because Kate, Duchess of Cambridge got her Christmas present earrings from Kiki.  Then to round off the trip we went to Harrods where I got my lovely new Tresors Retrouves.

Tresors Retrouves.


  1. Dear SA,

    Thank you for sharing the photos - I love the little dog on the lap of the little boy in the bronze statue!

    We're shoe twins as I too "only" have two pairs of CL's but I do have a python clutch as well.

    We've got lots of snow today - it's like a winter wonderland outside so I've been feeding ALL the wildlife much to DH's annoyance!

    Keep warm,


  2. Hi PP - yes the sculpture was really sweet. Wonder who put it here and what inspired them? Luckily we have no snow where I am but I think most of the rest of the UK got some snow! SAx

  3. Dear SA,
    congratulations on your blog, I really enjoy it!
    I would be grateful if you could post your views about wearing scarves with turtlenecks. I wear turtlenecks almost daily in winter and feel reluctant about adding the silk scarf touch in the outfit.
    Thank you in advance!
    PS. You might be interested to know that this commenter is from Athens, Greece!

  4. Hara - σας ευχαριστώ thank you! So pleased to hear from you. I will see what I can do for you - I have a couple of things I need to do but I will be away for few days so in a couple of weeks maybe! Best wishes SA:-)

  5. Dear SA,
    thank you for your prompt reply. The greeting in greek was so considerate of you.
    Enjoy your trip and please share with us pics of the beauty/ies you will be able to add to your unique scarf collection.

  6. Hara - you're welcome! I will be sure to! SA:-)