Sunday, 26 February 2012

What's Pink and comes in an Orange Box?

This new shape Hermes bag came home with me from Venice.  Let's peek inside:-
I like how Venice H always tie a 
bow around the handles.

Another Pegase Box & the Scarf booklet 
came from Amsterdam Airport

2012 Bolduc Ribbon

The English translation...

Peeling back the paper.

Yep you've seen one before...

Tresors Retrouves cw 06 - Rose Indien/Vieux Rose/Or
The scarf has an orange contrast hem.  
I just loved this pink when I tried it in Harrods.  
It is a delicious combo of pinks.
The best bit about buying it in Venice was a £13 
saving thanks to the euro/£ rate being in my favour
for once LOL!

A close up of the lovely purple"pips".

Pleated with MT Sunshine Horn Shawl Ring -
this ring copes with the thickness caused
by pleating the scarf.

Pleats but one side slipped through loop rather 
than the ring like a cross over knot.

Cowboy drape - not very secure?

Cowboy with knot to the top.

Cowboy/Cossack with knot hidden by
folding the top of the scarf over.

Basic fold passed through Shawl ring.   The shawl ring 
is curved which fits my neck well for this look.

Cross over bow knot - I love this one!

Double Twist knot - "how to" to follow soon!

Friendship Knot. Instructions here
Hope you like the latest addition to my ever growing scarf "family".


  1. Lovely, just lovely on you .
    This scarf seems to be the 'hot' one this Season according to the SA in Harrods .
    I can see why , the colours are stunning and it ties like a dream .

    How wonderful to bring orange boxes back from Venice

  2. Thank you Estrella - really is that what the SA said - wow I think she is right too! I never gave it a look until I saw the famous cw 05 on TPF..the rest is history! SAx

  3. Dear SA,

    A wonderful new member of your "family" - I love it in the cross over bow knot, I often wear that style myself...Just loving the pink and all the shades of combined in this piece.

    After six hours weeding in the garden today, which wasn't so glamourous, you've inspired me to wear a scarf tomorrow ~ I'll be wearing my 70cms Tres Kelly in chocolate and fuschia ~ one of my all time favourite cw's. The weather was gloriously sunny and warm today so it'll be time to do scarves sens fur collar soon...


  4. Hi PP - glad you like the new scarf. Yes the cross over bow is neat isn't it - and it is sooo easy to do with the MT scarf ring! Glad you are going to give your TK an outing tomorrow, yes that chocolate an fuschia works really well. Have a great week, SAx

  5. Scarf Addict - I also commented at length on tPF. This is one of the most stunning scarves. I love Rose Indien! It is perfect for your collection and a wonderful souvenir from Venice. Thank you for posting all the various knots and congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much Maedi, I agree Rose Indien is lovely! SA:-)

  6. Your earlier trip to Harrods, when you tried this on but came home with the 05 cw, obviously sowed the seeds! It was only a matter of time before you succumbed ;) and I hope you love and wear them both a plenty.

    Despite the disparagement of Ines de la Fressange, I'm an advocate of a scarf ring and have found the MT shawl ring wonderful for the 90cm silks. Now I wear my scarves much more in the criss cross version you showcase here with your new pink beauty (except I don't bother with the pleats).

    Really must give the criss cross bow knot a look in from time to time though - love the asymmetry of it!

    1. Hi Pussywillow - I'd be LOST without my scarf rings LOL! They make wearing the scarves so much easier. TR is just a super design and not one I would have thought about until I saw it showcased on TPF! TPF has cost me so much money LOL! SAx

  7. It is so pretty. Congrats on the new scarf. You wore it so well.

    1. Thank you so very much pjlatte - glad you like it! SA:-)

  8. Your scarf is beautiful. There's nothing like a little orange box to cheer you up;)

    I love your tying technique. It's lovely.

  9. Thank you Lindsay, glad you like. SA:-)

  10. I just love the Cowboy/Cossack with knot and will have to learn it! Could you please tell me how much this scarf cost? I might just have to have it!

  11. Hermes 90cm scarves are £280 at present - be quick if you want this design scarf as it is SS12 so you should be able to still get it - glad you like it! SA:-)