Sunday, 19 February 2012

Venice Carnevale 2012

As you know I have just been on my annual trip to Carnevale in Venice.  This year it was VERY cold!  There was even a tiny bit of snow in Venice which is unusual.  Here are some photos of the wonderful costumed "characters" I saw.
These 2 were my favourites!

Venice Waterfront

San Georgio Maggiore in the background

The Bridge of Sighs

Oh la la PINK!  Loved this one.

The lights were switched on on this costume
when dusk arrived!

Marie Antoinette - as usual - in blues
this year!


  1. Dear SA,

    What a wonderful time you've had! The costumes are amazing, it must take them all year to make ~ superb.

    I like your favourites the best too.

    Glad to have you back in the homeland though.



  2. despite not exactly being a fan of carneval (regardless of what part of the world and the respective local habits), i must say that your photos are marvellous, and so are the costumes. i couldn't pick a favourite! looks like you enjoyed your trip.

    completely OT, but i cannot resist .... were you recently posting in the "Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor" on the princess mary of denmark thread about the hermes birkin bag?!

  3. PP - thank you. oddly most of the costumed people are French! They d a fantastic job with their outfits - I don;t know where they find the all the bits and bobs to make them but they are splendid. SAx

    Edoep - Glad you liked the photos! Yes I enjoyed my trip and YES it was me on the ROOS blog about the Birkin LOL I hope you agree it wasn't a Birkin - I love that blog it is brilliant isn't it? SA:-)

    1. LOL - yes, agree completely: the brown suede bag was definitely NOT a birkin, but she sported a black one recently at some official appointment. i think it's covered in one of the more recent weekly threads.

      oh yes, i do love this blog too. pure addiction, i'm afraid!

      do you happen to know the book 'bringing home the birkin' by michael tonello? i have it as ebook in PDF *waving fencepost*. just in case, don't hesitate to mail me ....

    2. !!!!!!

      PS silly me forgot to note in my first response that of course the last sentence reg. the ebook download PLEASE be modified by you or deleted completely from the official post if not in accordance with the blog-rules!!!! my mailaddy for blogs is .

  4. Edoep - no I have not read the book on the Birkin although I think it is probably an interesting read! I'm not "into" bags much, for me the only Hermes bag I would possibly buy is the Bolide.
    ROOS amazes me she must spend ages finding photos and info for the blog it is a real mine of information! SA:-)

  5. well, i own 2 handbags VERY similar in design to the 'bolide' which IMHO due to it's sleeker design is more flattering for 'misses petites' like me than the 'birkin's' rectangular shape.

    plus while i do spend an extra euro every now and then on silk squares myself*, i would feel kinda guilty to spend the rumoured 40,000$ (!) on one single handbag. honestly, i'd rather give it to some of my charity projects.

    scarf-addict that you are, do you also feel kinda neglected by female royals for not accessorising with silk scarves these days? the only ones that comes to mind is her majesty QEII, and princess grace wore them a lot. such a pity!

    * only 2 hermes in my collection, but some real pretty YSLs, some puccis, bill blass & other US designers from the 80s, ungaros and many more.

  6. Edoep - yes the royals are not too good at wearing scarves! I agree Bolide is much better size for smaller ladies, plus I don't like
    big heavy bags - less is more! SA:-)

  7. fabulous costumes, thanks for sharing.

  8. Wonderful pictures , I feel like I've been there in person.
    And I'm wearing my Carnaval de Venise today, originally inspired by you !

  9. Bienchen - you're welcome! SA:-)

    Estrella - thank you and happy to have inspired you! Love the CdV design too, SA :-)

  10. Dear Scarf Addict, my name is Rosi, I'm from Milan and this is the first time i write you. My post is not about Carnaval de Venise. I've seen your wonderful frilly bow knot; I know this is also called "Robee knot", from a TPF friend of yours. I've looked for the explanations in TPF forum but I didn't find them. So, would you please be so kind to explain us how to do? Thanks and sorry for my mistakes in English.

  11. Ciao Rosi! No problem I will have to do some pics but I will post a how to for you! Thanks for stopping by to comment.SA:-)