Sunday, 8 April 2012

Desert Island Scarf

There are not too many scarves pulling me on the SS12 collection (thankfully) but this is one I did like and I had to try a lot before I found a cw I liked.  

Not my usual colour choice as you know!

Le Robinson Chic 
I like the leaf overlay detail.

Le Robinson Chic - brought back childhood 
memories of watching Robinson Crusoe on TV
 - maybe you used to watch that series too?  
I found the theme tune on You Tube - maybe 
you will like it too?
Lots of detail in this scarf - 
here you can see Ex Libris en Camouflage

The very well hidden copyright!

The scarf detail.

This purple in the scarf really pops 
but the photo does not show 
the true vibrancy of the colour!

My favourite way to wear a 90cm.

Friendship Knot - worn with pink

And again with red.  Quite a versatile scarf.

I think the scarf will look great with lots of colours and for summer a white shirt will be good too.  The orange is a muted orange I think - a bit burnished - it will make a fabulous Autumn scarf too in this cw I have!
Hope you liked!


  1. Conglaturations for your new Robinson!
    I tried also many cws and I loved this one and yellow one! This cw is so vivid but chic... And I love so much its beautiful color harmony. With pink and purple, finally it's truly your cw!

  2. Thank you Iris! It is a fun scarf for sure. I hope we will see some pics of you with yours too!

  3. Fabulous choice ! What a glorious colour palette, I love the way the violet plays off the orange . This design seems so well loved , and after finding this Season scarves nothing much to start with, I'm wondering how I could have missed this one....and CSMC

  4. Thank you Estrella - As soon as I saw this design I knew I would want one but I had to try loads of cws before I found this one! SA:-)

  5. This one is pretty!
    I haven't seen this one in the H store :o...
    Well your blog introduces me to different cws I like haha

  6. Oops hope I haven't sent you off on the slippery orange slope, SA;-))