Monday, 6 August 2012

Diana's Evening Gowns

Here are some photos of Diana's fabulous evening wear on show at Althorp - sorry I can't recall all the designers at this moment in time but will try to update when I get them all:-
The Evening Wear Section

Blue Sassoon, White Emanuel

Red Lacroix for a trip to France - mais oui!

Catherine Walker cocktail dress and
ice blue evening gown.

The intricate detail of both outfits .

Burgundy Valentino and gold sequinned Walker

3 publicly unworn dresses - the turquoise, 
white and purple frilly number (love it!).  
The purple 2nd left was worn in Chicago.

The turquoise dress carries Egypt's
highest order for humanitarian work and was
presented to Diana on her visit to that country.

The fabulous Azagury dresses!
The black on the left worn on Diana's last birthday
The "Swan Lake" dress you can see Diana
wearing it to a performance of Swan Lake
by English National Ballet, of whom
she was Patron, in the photo behind.

Just fabulous!


  1. Wow, I should visit Althorp oneday… I miss so much Diana. She was the princess of the princess. Thank you for sharing all these fabulous photos.

  2. Hi Iris, yes I miss Diana too! I loved watching her fashions and especially the evening gowns! And of course she had a taste for Dior and Chanel! SA:-)

  3. Once again, great pictures and very interesting description. Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to everyone of your posts!

  4. Thank you so much happyface that is lovely to hear! Thank you! SA:-)

  5. Thank you for sharing these pictures! These dresses are fabulous...with timeless elegance. Still sooo beautiful.

    1. Thank you greenpinkorange, I totally agree! Sa:-)

  6. Wow... Awesome pictures ... all of the Evening dresses are really amazing specially the red one.
    Thanks for the postqq