Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Something new...

So let's see what the bag contains!

A beautifully wrapped box....

Carefully sealed tissue...

And a perfectly pleated tissue cushion" for
the contents!
My new 70cm scarf in very bright colours.

The scarf features a centre on fans.
The whole scarf - I haven't found the name yet.

The edges feature Dior's address.....

......and lots of pretty bows

A perfume bottle or a statue?

Half bow with scarf ring

Simple criss cross - and you can
see the contrast hem well here

Friendship Knot with my Ultra Violet
Anselm Reyle Dior nail polish
proving a perfect match LOL!

Equestrian tied with scarf ring

Double Twist knot

Knotted equestrian style

Butterfly Knot with ring.

Butterfly knot with a single knot tied in scarf first.
By pass with ring.


  1. The color is wonderful, it's so "you"! And all the details are fascinating, very rococo, and "parisien"!

  2. Ahh merci dear Iris! Dior have some really nice things! SAx

  3. Beautiful SA! Dior is a lovely alternative to H adds variety... love all the pleated tissue too they know how to wrap don't they! x

  4. Hi Elle - yes packing/wrapping is an art LOL! They had ladies in black French maid type uniforms and white apron who seemed to do it all behind closed doors! I SO want to go back to Ave Montaigne - the beauty dept was fab-u-lous so I want to have a look around! SAx