Friday, 10 August 2012

Diana's Daywear

The other side of the Fashion Room showcases Princess Diana's day wear outfits:-
The left hand side of the display.
A first look - Catherine Walker coat dresses.

Pretty in pink CW!

Mother and Sons CW - cute!

Cue the couture -
pink Versace, blue Chanel

Chanel boucle suit - the white edge
is yellowing a bit now with age :-(

White Tomaz Starzewski(sp?)

More Catherine Walker signature looks.

Another long view 

Practical wear for the heat -
a CW outfit worn in Egypt
and the landmines outfit.

Diana's Louis Vuitton luggage - sadly her 
Lady Dior handbag was not on show this year :-(


  1. I remember Diana wearing most of these outfits. It is nice to see they are displayed and treasured. The matching blue coats were so gorgeous on those two little princes. thankyou for showing us.

    1. Thanks Patricia - yes they are all memorable outfits. Althorp told me years ago that Diana gave away a lot of her day clothes so this is just about all they have to display. Like you say the blue trio for Easter at Windsor was lovely! SA:-)

  2. SO lovely to see her outfits again - great choices as they still look great today!

    Where's the Dior handbag??? I hope it's not going to show up on DoC's arm!


    1. Hi PP - I don't think you need worry the bag will be part of the "Estate" and I can't see DOC ever wearing it not her style. The displays are rotated so it will be resting I reckon! SAx

  3. What a treat to see these photo's! The little boys outfits are soo cute to match Diana's. I never knew she had LV luggage! gorgeous...

  4. Thanks Elle! Yes she liked her LV! I loved it when the boys wore those coats to match Diana's she was full of ideas like that! SAx