Thursday, 23 August 2012

What's new?

I was in London the other week for Swan Lake so despite the Olympics I had time to get to Selfridges and walk down to Bond Street too!  So here are some of the new things that are coming into the shops for AW12.
Laboratoire du Temps - Hermes Scarf - love this design;-)
Some H jewellery but I was more taken 
with the wooden London Skyline 
that it was displayed with!

Kilim - Hermes - not my cup of tea.

Another LdT at Bond St this time.

Mecanique du Temps.

Lovely Tigre Bengal at H Bond St

Les Cannes

A street near Bond St or was it Bond St?  
Can't remember but it was WET!!

LV's flagship store in Bond St - their windows
are always fab!

Loved these jolly "eye" fleurs!


Installation by Yayo Kosama.

Weird but wonderful sort of sea life display with
life size model of Yayo herself!

A similar window but with different bag!

Asprey's windows opposite LV.

Then it was the ballet - a lovely performance of
Swan Lake by English National Ballet - here
Anais Chaledenard and Junor de Souza 
it was their debut and very well they danced too.

Some of the lovely swans behind the main characters.

I could not leave London without popping 
to Covent Garden and Ella's Bakery for a 
Lemon and Raspberry cupcake to take 
home - delish!

The SA at H Bond St let me have a copy 
of the latest Hermes magazine - not much 
of anything in it - I never understand these mags! 
I have had the new AW12 scarf booklet too - 
I hope you have yours too - it is a much 
better edition than the last few.
A glimpse of one of the new 70cms - 
Les Parisiennes by Kiraz
I like this design a lot but not this cw....

So that is what I saw recently - I now have
some much needed time off next week 
wonder where that will lead me to????!!!


  1. Thanks for your beautiful London walk. So nice H shop windows and my favourite Swan Lake! I am looking forward to "Les Parisiennes by Kiraz" in white cw :-)

    1. Hi Tereza - glad you liked the walk and windows! Yes the white cw looks good and the pink and the black...!!! It will be sooooo hard to choose! SAx

    2. Yes! I saw the pink and black scarves in Prague's H boutique. And they look good!

  2. Those LV windows are amazing. Our local art gallery (Brisbane) owns some of Kosama's works, including the colourful giant flowers. They are so popular and cheerful. Beautiful scarves, as ever.

    1. Hi Patricia that is so interesting to hear you know of Kosama I had never herd of her! - the flowers are just great I love them they are indeed such fun! SAx

  3. Such fun to see these glimpses of London shopping, and of Swan favorite! Enjoy your vacation! NN

    1. Thank you NN - Swan Lake is fab isn't it?! This one is a particularly nice version (and with proper tutus not floppy ones!) although it has the sad ending! Yes I will enjoy my time off! SAx

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos ! I am not so fond of the Vuitton windows (strange to me) but the Hermes scarves pics make me feel like splurging the Hermes store. The one with the large clock is to die for. On my Christmas wish list ! Definitely !
    Your blog is such a delight ! I am adding it to my blog roll on my "playing with scarves" blog :-))) All the best !

  5. Thank you PWS the LV windows are perhaps an acquired taste the red ones are like something under the sea! Thank you for adding my blog to your list - I will have to visityours! SA:-)

  6. I like these LV windows a lot, although I am not sure they are selling these items as well as they hoped. Our local boutique is still full of these "limited items". But with those prices I am not really surprised.
    As with the Hermès scarves - it always takes me a while to get used to the new designs. So most of the time I am interested in buying them when they are long sold out ;-) LES PARISIENNES is one I like on first sight, too. So yes, it will go on my "want it" list :-)
    Have hit your follow button.
    Happy holidays!

    1. It doesn't surprise me Happyface313- plus maybe there isn't as much money around? If I was spending that amount then I'd want a classic rather than a "here today gone tomorrow" limited edition which may be a fad?
      I know what you mean about the H scarves - I think in the past I have rushed in and bought scarves and then regretted it after. This season I am more sanguine and have taken my time, reviewed what is there watched the Fall 2012 thread on TPF and I had 3 picked out, until Thursday when I saw Galop Chromatique, so 4 now and hopefully I will stick to that! Les Pariseinnes is SUCH a lovely girly scarf I just have to have that one! Thank you for following. SAx

  7. Great AW 12 H preview SA.... the Tigre Bengal is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the other windows too. I couldn't help but smile regarding your comment about the H magazine because I don't get it either. ;-) Enjoy your time off. xxS

    1. Hi SMR great to hear from you! Thank you and yes TB is lovely but I am resisting. YES! so I am not alone with the magazine it's not me LOL! Take care of you, SAx

  8. Lovely store windows, Scarf Addict. Thank you for sharing.

    Since you are a lover of the color purple, you might want to try on the Mechanique du Temps in the same cw that you have shown in the window display. It will surprise you. The beautiful purple ends up close to the face. I wasn't even interested in it, until the SA handed it to me already folded. It's mine now. ;-)


    1. Thank you CS - glad you like. Thanks for the Mecanique tip - I am sure it looks great on! SAx