Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics - Team GB Scarf

Now I didn't think I would get "into" the Olympics but I have got swept along with gold fever!  Anyway I saw the Team GB scarves for sale in Next last week so when I looked at the display scarf I was really delighted with the thought and symbolic meanings Next have put into the design so how could I resist - and especially as I would be in Royal company by owning one too - The Duchess of Cambridge has both the Team GB and the Paralympics scarves.    Anyway getting the blog back on its scarf track here's the scarf!!
GOLD bag!!!

Not quite an orange box LOL!

The scarf is 100% cotton.

It's a large scarf 90cm and nice and soft.

Our Greatest Team.

This card tells you about the symbols in the design -
please enlarge the photos to read all about it!

See the sports represented along with emblems of the UK.

The bottom right corner detail.

The bottom left corner detail.

Here you can make out the map of Britain in the middle 
of the blue area - I had to take my scarf to the office 
to get my colleagues to help me find it - it had me stumped 
for days LOL yet my colleague who is into "magic eye" 
puzzles spotted it straight away!!

Top left is a daffodil for Wales next to the diver, 
just below is flax for Ireland in a fan shape,
in the middle is the rose for England,  
and just above the horse rider bottom right is 
the thistle for Scotland.
The scarf folded

And looped.

The Friendship Knot - 
very appropriate for this scarf.


Equestrian style with Half Ascot Knot.

A square fold and single knot.

Cossack/Cowboy with scarf folded 
to show more colours.

Double Twist Knot.
Here is Duchess Kate wearing the 
same scarf as I have. 

And wearing the Paralympic Scarf.
I think she needs some scarf wearing lessons!

I think the scarf turned out well!  It is sold through Next shops  You can buy it in the 90cm size for just £10 and it also comes in a small gavroche size for £5.  Well worth the money plus it helps support our sports people!


  1. Next have done well lately haven't they! yes, I agree Kate needs some lessons pronto lol!

    Elle x

  2. Thanks Ell e- yes I think I should write to Kate and send her one of my spare Hermes box of knotting cards and a link to my blog LOL! SAx

  3. Great patriotic post today! I too have loved the Olympics -so proud to be British but I feel like there's nothing to look forward to now...looking forward to the closing ceremony and wearing my Team GB scarf with pride!


  4. Hi PP - It has been miles better than I thought and even I have enjoyed it! The paralympics are next am sure they will be good too. Maybe a royal baby or two will be next??!! SAx

  5. Superb! I like the GB team scarves very much and posted them in my blog! They looks great! I bought the Czech and Slovak one :-)

    1. Hi Tereza - I must pop over and have a look! Glad you like! SAx

  6. Good for you though a little bit late to the party (!) I bought my Next Team GB scarves before the start of the Olympics and wore either my neck scarf or the larger version everyday throughout.

    I am a very envious of your gold bag though as I was only given a silver one. I'm also ready for the Paralympics and shall love trying out some of your very helpful tying suggestions. I particularly like the double twist knot because it sounds like a high difficulty gymnastic routine! Cx

  7. Thanks Elegancemaison. Actually the knot with the highest difficulty rating here is the Friendship Knot - that is the one that gets most people in a twist LOL! The double twist is easy!

    1. Oh you've set a challenge! I shall try out the Friendship knot as well. Watch my (blog) space! I forgot to say that while I agree that Kate needs some lessons, I noticed that Princess Anne was wearing a very similar looking small scarf knotted at the neck at one of the equestrian events. As a regular horsey gal I think she knows a thing or two about wearing scarves. Would be interesting if we could find out if it was the Next scarf.

  8. Hi Scarf Addict,
    I'd love to see some photos of you wearing the smaller gavroche type scarves please, not just the Next Team GB one, but others in your collection. I love the gavroche size silk scarves and wear them regularly, and I also check your blog often. It would be wonderful to see you wearing small scarves.
    Thank you so much.
    Ellie x

  9. Hi Ellie thanks for the idea I will try to do a small scarf blog! In fact I wore a gavroche up to London just the other day! Best wishes, SAx