Saturday, 22 December 2012

Paris - FSH Windows

I was in Paris last Tuesday and the windows at FSH were very sumptuous but not particularly Christmassy - the big corner window was more like Spring/Easter see what you think:-
Din Tini scarves flying.

Posh dining ware.

Some detail.

Fantastical animal portraits adorned  the windows.

A closer look at that saddle!

Sumptuous pinks and greens.

Some lovely furs and bags.

A 140 version of Tresors Retrouves?

Puss in Boots?

Parures de Maharajas curtains and feathered

Bolide bag in the foreground.

An Owl portrait - different!

Another feathered Bolide.

The big corner window was all greens and pinks like a cave.

A stunning white peacock.

A white rabbit

Fancy fabric covered saddle and boots.

The saddle close up.

One of the boots close up.

A bunny rabbit.

Another beautiful white peacock.

? Swan Lake?

Some lovely green and pink croc bags!

Bunnykins gets in on the act!

A Snowy owls oversees the scene!

Little Foxes.  Sorry the reflection is bad.

And finally some bling at FHS!

I will post some more pictures of the rest of Paris shortly but I am going back next weekend for the ballet so I may be able to get slightly better shots of the FSH windows as they usually photograph better at night.  Anyway these give an idea of the latest creations adoring FSH!


  1. Oh how beautiful, absolutely delectable colours! This post really has the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for a lovely blog! x

    1. Thank you Patricia - hope you have a lovely Christmas too!! All the best, SAx

  2. Totally agree, a lot more Spring/Easter like than Christmas how very odd - maybe they wanted to be different, in which case they succeeded!!


  3. Absolutely wonderful photo's! thanks for sharing, I love the peacocks especially. Merry Christmas, Elle x

    1. Mr too Elle - I am sucker for peacocks - there is a real live white one at the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland and I just missed getting a photo when it had its feathers splayed!! Fabulous. Merry Christmas to you too! SAx