Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ways with a Gavroche Part 3

Next you can move on to some more scarf tricks - this time fold 2 gavroches just in half on the diagonal (making 2 triangles) and tie at the back either with a knot or small scarf ring like so:-
I took a Hermes Fer a Cheval scarf ring next and 
simply pulled the 2 ends through it to give 
this effect

By altering where you "park" the scarf 
ring you can change the look slightly - here 
the corners are more prominent.

Here I made a Butterfly Knot - this one is fuller 
because I did not tie the gavroches in
a single knot first.
Here a tighter look achieved by tying 
the scarves in a single knot first

A single knot.

Pinch the 2 scarves together in the middle.

Thread your scarf ring onto the pinched ends - 
here I used a plain silver band (from QVC)

Pull the scarf through and then open out 
the ends to form the Butterfly effect.  (They 
are not opened out yet in this pic!)

Watch out for the final installment!


  1. Oh wow! SO many variations and great ways to make these often 'redundant' scarves wearable.

    Thank you Scarf Addict!


    1. Hi PP - you're welcome - glad you can make use of these ideas! SAx

  2. Wow, you're the queen of that butterfly knotting!

    Maybe it's the lack of a suitable ring or my hamfistedness, but I can never pull this off. It's one of the methods of scarf tying, along with the waterfall knot, that ought to look the most impressive and yet ends up as an obviously-gone-wrong look on me!!

  3. Hi PW - ooh thank you! The butterfly is really dead easy so it must be the lack of a suitable ring!! We'll have to find you one! SAx