Wednesday, 26 December 2012


I went to Paris for the day to see the Musee d'Orsay exhibition on Impressionists and Fashion. It was a lovely show - I had to fit it in quickly as it is nearly finished and when I go at the weekend the museum is closed on the Monday when I would be able to go!  Anyway it was worth the trip and after a few museum pics I have some more pics of the Paris shop windows and the sights:-

Inside the Orsay it was fairly quiet - hurrah!

The beautiful Orsay clock

La Parisienne by Eduard Manet - 
one of the giant posters at 
the exhibit exit - the original painting 
was on show!

A hotel with Xmas tree!!

Lovely table decs in the Rue Boissy Anglais

Cute squirrels!

The Village Royal arcade.

The chocolate shop :-)

Christmas creations.

Cute chocolate snowmen!

The shop beautifully decorated 
shame about the bike!

More window decorations.

Laduree cakes!

La Tour Eiffel.

The ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde.

Place de la Concorde.

The tree.

The Musee d'Orsay by the Seine from the 
Pont de la Concorde.

Zooming in on the Notre Dame.

The beautiful Pont Alexandre III

Now on Blvd St Germain a lovely 
paper tree!

A childrens clothing shop.

A lovely accessories shop

more delights.

Ahhh some polar bears!

and more....

and it's all too much for him!


  1. Happy Christmas!

    I really enjoy the pix of your travels.

    1. Thank you Margaret - happy to share - I have some more!!
      Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy New Year, SAx

  2. Dear SA, Many thanks, as always, for your generosity in sharing your wonderful travel photos! :-) Paris at the holiday season looks so magical, and the reclining polar bear is adorable! Sending many wishes to you, for a happy new year! NN

    1. It is my pleasure to share with you dear NN!! I have one last instalment of pics to share which I hope you will like.
      A very Happy New Year to you too! SAx

  3. OMG - I love the clutch that you've photographed - was it expensive do you know??

    I saw somewhere that Notre Dame is celebrating 850 years all year next year!!

    Lovely to see the festive decorations - thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi PP - no I don't think it was too dear - the shop was just a gift shop not a big name - I can check for you this weekend if I get over to St Germain but I have another you may like in my next post! I'll have to check out the Notre Dame anniversary. SAx

  4. Musee d'Orsay, Impressionists and Fashion, all together! I would fly around the world to see that; I am sure it was absolutely beautiful. And so are all your lovely photos around the streets and windows of Paris; such a gorgeous city! Hope you had a very Happy Christmas xx

    1. Patricia - yes I was in 7th heaven with that lot all together! The exhibits were great - and the final room was painted sky blue and carpeted with fake grass and displayed all paintings of scenes and people in the open air and gardens and they had old fashioned style park benches to sit on and the piped sound of birds twittering to make you feel like you really were outside - very clever! Happy New Year to you! SAx

  5. Thanks for sharing Paris photos, this time of year is my favourite for a visit .

    Hope you had a marvellous Christmas , and have a Happy New Year! S X

    1. Hi Estrella - you're welcome! Hope you had a good Christmas too and a Happy New Year to you too! SAx

  6. Dear SA,
    Thank you for sharing your Paris trip pics! It is always a great pleasure to see Paris’ views, beautiful in every angle, in every season and every moment… You were so lucky to see the original dress of Manet’s la Parisienne. It’s so gorgeous and elegant! And what a Cute squirrels!!

    1. Hi Iris - oh I fear I have mislead you - I meant to say I saw the original painting - I am not sure that THE black dress was there - there were several other paintings with the original dresses there which was fascinating to see! The Musee Galliera provided the dresses - I adore that museum and cannot wait for it to reopen after renovation - I think it is due to reopen in 2013. I have seen some amazing clothes at Galleria.
      The squirrels were adorable! Happy New Year! SAx

  7. Great pictures! Happy Holidays :-)

  8. Thank you HappyFace! Happy New Year! SAx

  9. Happy New Year SA... many thanks for the 2012 adventures that you shared. The photos, as well as your stories, brought much joy. I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for you. xxxS