Saturday, 9 April 2011

A few more Pinks

And to finish the week a few more pinks (although I do own a few more!)

Expeditions Polaires Francais - 70cm.

Tours de Cles - 70cm.

Carre en Cravates - 70cm.

Ferronerie - 70cm


  1. More beautiful pinks, what a fantastic variety and all gorgeous . It must be a difficult to chose which one to wear, do you have a favourite?
    I adore the orange , hot pink, and ivory of the Tour de Cles.

  2. Pretty pinks - just the thing now spring is really here. You can never have too many! xx

  3. So gorgeous! Your collection of pink scarves is truly impressive (and so is your collection of pink sweaters!). Love the Ferronerie, and we are twins on the Tours de Clés.

  4. Estrella - thank you - hmm difficult to choose a favourite but I do like my Rialto and the Ferronerie. Yes the Tours is a fun splash of colour!

    Mrs E - thank you - I agree - never too many!!

    MaiTai - Thank you I love the Ferronerie and happy to be twins with you on Tours:-)

  5. In love with the Tours de Cles!

  6. Thank your Larissa gald you like! SA:-)