Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pink Week

Over on TPF it is Pink Week on the SOTD thread, so here are my contributions so far all together!  No apologies but it's very PINK!

Brides de Gala - Pointu

Poissons de Corail - Plisse

Per Astra ad Astra - Plisse

Rialto - 70cm

Gloria Soli (Carpe Diem) 90cm

Quai aux Fleurs 90cm

Not quite pink - my Breitling Plisse worn with
 scarf ring with a nod to MT - I used the
ring to help hold the shell like fan of pleats!

Carre en Carre Pointu


  1. I am in awe of your collection of pinks, and you wear it so well. It's amazing how each scarf has its own character , and when we look at them individually the different features convey their own subtle message.
    My only sortie into the pinks was a Promenade de Longchamps many years ago , and I never wear it as I really dislike the gold ormolu effects in the corners and find that particular gold/pink combination quite awful. So I left pink for others: maybe you've changed my views as your scarves are all beautiful.

  2. Thank you Estrella glad I may have changed your mind about pink! I adore the Promenade de Longchamps and I have been trying to find a pink PdL for years on Ebay! That and a pink Napoleon! If you ever need or want to re-home it please let me know!! SA:-)

  3. Love them all Scarf Addict! I adore the Ferroniere and have tried to find one to no avail. Love the knots on the Plisse's especially the Per Astra ad Astra - please can you lmk what it is as I would love to try it with my Plisse. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pinks! TTFN Lxxx

  4. I shall certainly let you have it if I decide to let it go.
    As I said I never wear it , but my mother loved it and for that reason I've kept it in the drawer.

  5. No one does pink like you, dear Scarf Addict! Your collection is simply stunnig, and I love the effect of the Plissé with the criss-cross bow.

  6. L - glad you like - the Per Astra ad Astra is a single knot then the butterfly knot - see the video link on the rhs - simply pull the edges through a scarf ring and pull to create the swirls.

  7. MaiTai - thank you and thank YOU for the criss cross bow and your wondeful scarf rings! SA:-)