Saturday, 16 April 2011

Spring Day, Duckling Update & Gavroche

Today is a lovely warm sunny day!  I spotted one of my more unusual daffodils - Sun Disc - hiding in the greenery so I took a pic. 

On a sad note, I'm afraid to report that the last duckling at my sister's pond is no more, we'll never know exactly what happened to them all except that, having been abandoned by their parents, they had no protection from nature's predators I guess.  Hopefully some other ducks will come along and have some more and be slightly better parents!

This week I have been wearing my Hermes Sellier gavroche quite a bit.


  1. I love the Sellier gavroche and have one too - just wondering what it would look like doubled up with the GF gavroche? Could be an interesting combination.

  2. Thank you Claire - I'll have a play and see what they are like together...SA:-)

  3. You look lovely with the Sellier Gavroche, the red is so fresh and the knot very cute! So sad to hear about the ducklings though, I wonder why the parents abandoned them, poor things.

  4. Thank you MaiTai - the HA knot worked well here! I know it is heart breaking about the ducklings I can only think the parents were young and had no idea what to do when 10 babies suddenly arrived, SA :-((