Thursday, 28 July 2011

Trophees de Venise II

A reader has asked me about a scarf called Trophees de Venise II.  It was certainly issued in Spring Summer 2002/03 as it features in the scarf booklet for that season, but I do not know if this was an original issue or a re-issue.  Maybe any reader who does know will chime in on the comments?
Here is a photo of the design.

This design is by Julia Abadie and is a detail or exerpt of the full design called Trophees de Venise - you may recall I obtained that scarf in Venice this year, albeit a special edition just for the Venice branch of Hermes. 

You can see by looking at these photos of my scarf how a corner has been used to make the Trophees de Venise II version.

Hope that helps you dear reader!!


  1. Scarfie, I think this must have been the original issue. Hermes filed this scarf with the European Union Trademark database in November 2001 and the trademark was officially registered (recognised) in February 2003.

    It is a beautiful design, not often seen, and congratulations on getting the Venice special edition, too.

  2. The Trophees de Venise was issued in 2001. Yours is beautiful, dear Scarf Addict, thank you for sharing :)

  3. Thank you Bienchen and MaiTai for the information SA:-)

  4. Trophees was issued in 2001 as MT said but according to my records, the detail version that Scarf Addict showed us is from 2002.
    Absolutely beautiful and very special color way, congratulations!

  5. Hello, Dear Ladies,

    The Venice special edition has been my HG for several years, but I didn't realize that the same colorway had been issued as a "Trophees de Venise" until just recently, and I was able to find a pre-loved (and authentic!) one. It is my absolute favorite for its design, its color, its chameleon qualities, its association with Venice -- I have a hard time not wearing it every day! Although, today I am wearing an "A La Gloire de La Cuisine Française."

  6. Ohhh! I was trying to PREVIEW my comment and then complete it, but it was published instead. So sorry -- I hadn't even typed a proper "sign off " at the end.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog, photos and information!

    1. Hi Barbara-no worries! so glad you found your HG it is a "trophy" to you! I love the feeling when you find a Holy Grail!!! Glad you enjoy the blog, thank you SAx