Saturday, 17 December 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Auction - Part 2 of 2

Following on from the last blog here are some of the fashions and art work on display:-
Andy Warhol

Camille Pissaro

Van Gogh

A signature red Valentino dress - I like!
Matching embellished bag.

A fabulous Kimono

Christian Dior

Beautiful raffia embroidery - Dior


Christian Dior

Intricate embroidery - Dior

Some of the fabulously embellished Versace jackets.

Tiziani from the film Boom! 1968

Gianfranco Ferre

Christian Dior

The Tiziani Scorpion Cloak worn in Monaco

Hope you enjoyed looking at these pics!


  1. This makes fascinating viewing ! It's a zillion miles from Hermes , and totally not my cup of whatever.
    Still....the workmanship is just incredible : it amazes me that anyone would want so many of these sort of clothes .
    I'll settle for that Van Gogh's ravishing.

  2. Thanks Estrella it was one of those rare opportunities to see up close some celebrity items - ET certainly knew her jewels and fashion and the craftsmanship is great to see. SA:-)

  3. Awesome unique scarves. I am a collector of unique shawls and scarves. These fashion scarves tickle my senses crazy! Love them! Remind me of some unique scarves & shawls from an online site Yours Elegantly that donates part of their sales proceeds to cancer research as owner is a young cancer survivor! I have met her - awesome!

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