Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Harrods Hermes Pop Up Shop

What a crazy time I have had up and down the country to London!  The Pop Up should have opened on 1 December but did not due to engineering problems, so whilst I was in London on 1st, the shop was not open :-(  Anyway one of my TPF friends went on 2nd December and the shop was finally open - if it was a birth I think it would be a breach LOL!  I was so desperate to satisfy my curiosity I went to London again on 3rd! I took some photos - they are not the best quality as I did not use the flash as Harrods are a bit funny about photos and I did not want to draw attention to myself.  I decided to publish all but the very worst picture because I know people like to see these things as not everyone can get to London, so I reckoned you would like to see everything rather than a perfect few?  So with the help of Photoshop as well, I think you can get the idea.   
You can see one cw of the special
Hermes pour Harrods H en Voyage
 scarf - on the left in the turquoise cw.

Some 70cms
Gavroches and Twillys

Some more 90cms

Sequences 70cm

Some of the boxy seats and trying on area

Some more seats/displays and a counter
in the background

More colourful seats

A try on area - sorry for the fuzzy photo!

Some of the enamels on display

The bespoke carpet?!

Some 90cms - bottom left corner is
Hermes pour Harrods H en Voyage

The shop was a lot smaller than I expected, and in comparison to the one at Liberty a couple of years ago, but none the less it was very nice.  I believe on opening day there were stylists and a photographer to tie scarves on you and take your photo -  they will be popping into the shop at different times according to the SA.  The SA did say the pop up is to try and get younger people into scarves - hmm but I don't recall having that kind of money at age 18/21 Hermes!


  1. That's true H dedication! Thanks for sharing.

    I went to the pop up shop in December last year (Ledbury Road?) and it was definitively aimed at a very young audience. Stock at the time was low in the shops but the pop up had the twilly I was lusting after at the time.

    PS: I did get the Bolduc scarf ring!

  2. Thanks Bienchen - yes definitely aiming at the younger ones! Congrats on the Bolduc hope the SAs were nice to you. What a pain re your TPF access!! SAx

  3. Dear Scarf Addict,

    Thank you SO much for sharing - it looks so colourful! I'm lusting after a new scarf having seen all of this now - but instead I shall visit my scarf drawers and select one of my existing ones for tomorrow!

    I can't believe they want a "younger" client - cheek! And as lovely as the bespoke carpet is we've all paid for that....Sorry, rant over! SO glad to have seen it without the trudge up to London and with all the Christmas shoppers too, well done you!

    Much love,


  4. Thanks so much for posting this, I didn't go for opening day after all, but having seen your pics, will definately make the effort to go have a look-see. BTW, I love your E-L en K.

  5. PP - guess they have to try to secure their future clientelle?! KWYM though;-) The carpet was lovely a nice touch I thought - it probably goes to all the pop ups. Take it easy tiger, SAx

    CVW1004 - great to have inpsired you to go see IRL! Have fun! SA :-)

  6. Thank you for your true public-spiritedness in capturing in words and pictures what this pop-up shop is all about - really appreciated by us newbies far from the metropolis.

    I am still undecided whether to go as there really is only one scarf I'm interested in.....sigh, where are these mysterious JAMCs?

    Your ExLenK is fabulous and don't think you'll trump that one with any other A/W11 carre - wear with joy!

  7. Thanks for posting this! Really beautiful collection ......reminds me of the leopard print scarf I recently bought from this online store chicastic....I am sure to visit this next time I am around city.....

  8. it was my first pop up experience, and as you know I was lucky enough to find a scarf I'd given up on finding .
    I just thought it was great eye candy ,well captured in your photos. I loved being free to try on the scarves lying around , and did get to have my photo taken . I'll go back again for sure , I love the buzz !

  9. PW - you are very welcome it is nice to share especially for non Londoners so glad to have helped! They had more than one JMC so give them a call? I think like Estrella I will have to go again! Must be crazy! Yes Teh ExLenK is fab but I heard that CSMC has arrived on H.com today!!!! So SS12 is starting to come in. SAxx

    Rachel - Thank you - the pop up closed early January so we don't have long! SA:-)

    Estrella - I totally agree! And so great you found a HG! think I will revisist too - SAxx

  10. Well, I went and you are right, it is quite small, but that carpet is quite amazing. The stylists are there on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays apparently so these would be the better days to visit if you want to go again. Was determined not to get anything (managed to find my MM picotin at Selfridges) but of course I couldn't resist and got the H en Voyage 90 cm c/s. Sitting here typing this all nice and snug ;-)

  11. CVW1004 - congrats on your purchase! I've had to order my want online as they sold out in Harrods and don't reckon they'll have more in. Thank you so much for the stylist info! Good to know that. Stay warm - it has gone really cold now hasn't it?! SA:-))