Sunday, 11 December 2011

Trip to Birmingham

Yesterday I paid a visit to the city of Birmingham primarily to see one of my favourite ballet companies, Birmingham Royal Ballet, perform The Nutcracker - it was a lovely performance with stunning costumes.  Anyway the Frankfurt Christmas Market was on in Birmingham (saving me a costly trip to Germany!) so here are a few pics of the lovely market stalls:-

An overview of some of the market stalls.

The Town Hall

Some wonderful Nutcrackers!

Beautiful wooden decorations
More nick nacks.

Some of the decorated baubles you can buy.
Some hand decorated candles.

Some of the Weinachtspyramiden decorations.

And then there are the foodie stalls - believe me the smells were yummy!!
Gingerbreads and candied roasted nuts -
I love the almonds!

Christmas chocolates!

Bags and bags of sweets!

Fabulous gourmet salamis mmmm!!!

More gingerbreads in all shapes!

One of the HUGE swinging bratwurst/frankfurter
grills - the smells were delicious

An even bigger one??!!!

Hams roasting - the smell was DIVINE!

This cute garlic shaped hut was selling
garlic bread with different toppings which
all looked really yummy

The stalls themselves were beautifully decorated/set up, here are some of the lovely gable displays:-
One of the knitwear stalls - a cute sleigh display.

This was a singing moose! 
It was hilarious listening to him.

A lovely traditional Father Christmas and
Reindeer scene.
The final thing I saw was the Coca Cola truck - they were giving away free mini cans and had a choir singing Christmas carols -  it was a massive shiny red truck whihc must be quite something to drive LOL!

Hope you enjoyed my little trip around Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market.


  1. Scarfie, these are great action shots. So glad you got see the ballet as well as a traditional market (although I don't remember garlic featuring on the stalls of my youth....). I am off to visit family soon with the little gardener and hope to fit in a market as well although she got a bit of a foretaste on the Champs Elysees.

    PS: those "heat driven thingies" are known as pyramids (Weihnachtspyramiden). Nothing to do with Egypt of course but some a tapered shape and then the name stuck. If they are well made (balanced right), they are spectacular and always a talking point.

  2. The Christmas Market looks like great fun SA. Thank you for sharing. I am now going to catch up on all of your recent posts. Many thanks for the wonderful ideas and experiences that you share here.

    BTW, we are now Hermes scent twins. ;-) DH picked up Pampelmousse Rose for me yesterday and I really like it. I appreciate the recommendation. xxxS

  3. Wow, I feel as if I was there myself , your pictures are wonderful ! I'm not much of a one for sweet things EXCEPT for those German thick spice biscuits which taste of cloves, ginger and cinammon . I think I spied some heart shaped ones hanging .
    How was the ballet , and which scarf did you wear ? Maybe Casse Noisette ?

  4. Thanks Bienchen - I knew those things had a name - will get it corrected! Hope you have a fabulous time in Germany when you go - it is not quite the same here! Enjoy, SAx

    SMR - You're very welcome and so pleased to be your PR twin!! SAx

    Estrella - haha there is always something you can find to like at the markets - glad you felt you were there! No H scarf I'm afraid just my pashmina as it was SO cold (I saw ice floating on the canals on the way to Brum!) The ballet was wonderful, although due to ticket mix up, I ended up seeing it from a lesser position but got a full refund and run of the bar/shop so a good result and well worth being nice about it LOL! Ahhh, I don't have a Casse Noisette - would love a La Danse but yet to find one...SAx