Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New Addition

When I met up with my TPF friends a few weeks ago I left Harrods with the navy ExLibris en Kimono but my heart was still hankering after a lovely pink scarf - I had to give in and as Harrods reckoned they would not be getting any more in stock I ordered this off H.com:-

Another Pegase box but NO
bolduc ribbon of ANY kind!

Ripped tissue paper as well - what's
going on at Hermes? I'm not impressed!

A first peek - think you know?

You guessed - Dame de Coeur

Being from H.com/France there was no bar code tag thing attached to the label as they always remove them so I have no idea of the colourway names - if anyone knows please leave a comment!
Equestrian with Half Ascot

Cowboy/Cossack blue corner
Cowby/Cossack brown corner

Criss Cross Bow

I think this is a Waterfall?

Cowboy with scarf ring

Criss Cross with scarf ring

A bow made with scarf ring

A Half Ascot Knot

Simple Equestrian


  1. Very pretty. Now I am hankering after it too!

  2. Ah my Scarf Twin - I have just got Dame de Coeur too but in silver/taupe/blue - isn't the pattern wonderful? I love the pink and brown you've chosen and I'm in awe of your knotting skills!

  3. Anon - thank you and my apologies to your wallet! SA :-)

    Mrs E - thank you and yay for the DdC girls! Agree it is smashing design, so many things to find in it!

  4. This is a scarf that definitely looks better on than on its own...

  5. colorway 04 is chocolat/ rose indien/ bleu

  6. Anon1 - yes it looks better worn for sure! SA:-)

    Anon2 - Ooooh THANK YOU so much for the cw info! SA:-)

  7. This scarf and c/w is very you! Sorry to learn about the packaging problem, really not up to standard, I agree. Would have been awful if it had been a present. Hope H improves service soonest.

  8. Bienchen thank you! I was a little surprised at teh slightly untidy packing but not unduly upset or anything - I just raised an eyebrow! Anyway glad you like the cw! SA :-)

  9. You look beautiful in this one: it's a great one to tie ...so versatile.
    And the colours are your own !
    Have a wonderful Christmas: which scarf will you be wearing ?

  10. Thank you Estrella! I might break out the ExLenK. Happy Xmas to you too SA:-)

  11. Dear SA,

    I love it - great colourway: Chocolate and Pink!!

    Congratulations on another great purchase!

    Much love at Christmas,


  12. PP - thank you glad you like! SAx