Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saima Majid Scarves

I was recently asked to review a sample scarf for a UK designer - Saima Majid - and I was more than happy to undertake this new and interesting challenge!  Saima takes inspiration from a by gone era and you can see this coming through in her lovely designs.  I received a sample of the Sophia scarf/shawl - the scarf is large at 120cm x 120cm and is made of 70% wool and 30% silk.  I would say this is a very good alternative to a Hermes GM shawl - if like me you cannot justify the expense of Hermes shawls!  You can see more of Siama's lovely designs at - most of her scarves are the 70/30 wool/silk mix but she also has one 100% silk scarf as well.

First let's look at the design and the scarf itself, and then I've done some pics of the scarf in action:-
Lovely pink tissue wrapped parcel!

A first glimpse at Sophia!

The whole design.

The designer label.

If like me you love jewellery this is delightful - 
I really want this brooch!!

Here gorgeous pink roses are intertwined
with jewels.

Pearls,jet and turquoise get in on the act too!

A closer look at the weave.
Being 70% wool and 30% silk, obviously it is
not as soft as cashmere, but I think this will wear
much better and you won't need to be as careful
as with cashmere which is so much more delicate.

Simply worn here: folded in 2 on the bias and 
draped around the neck to give a casual look.

Worn to the side and secured with MT Shawl ring.
This will look great over a winter coat too!

Here I folded the scarf on the square, like for a pleated
look, wrapped it around my neck once and then 

criss-crossed the ends through the MT Shawl Ring - I think
this makes a nice neat compact look and very warm!

Here worn in a long look still folded on the 
square and I threaded one end through 
the MT Shawl ring and the other end is slipped 
through the one secured by the ring to
make the criss cross.

Just draped loose around the neck for a 
simple look.  Folded on the square.

A traditional shawl wrap/tied look (not really "me"!) 
but it shows the shawl in a different way.  The 
edges of the scarf/shawl design show nicely and 
this would even be nice with a LBD at an evening 
event (if folded a bit better than I have done!)

Cowboy works well!

The Friendship Knot makes for a 
slim line look.

A half bow using MT shawl ring - you 
can make the bow as big as you like 
to suit what you are wearing. 
I used a Basic Fold here.

Here using Basic Fold with MT shawl 
ring to make a bow - you can
wear it tight like this  OR...

....pull out the loops to make a bow..OR...

...pull even further for a floppy bow look!

Here I threaded the scarf through 
the ring vertically - Basic Fold

One of my fave looks the equestrian works really 
well here  with MT shawl ring and shows off the
colours of the scarf.

The same look but a fuller length view.

A variation on the half bow using it in 
combination with the equestrian look.  
This is a shorter way to wear the scarf 
as it is quite long.

The criss cross with ring - scarf 
folded on the bias. 

Here I folded the scarf as narrow as I could 
on the bias and threaded it through one of 
my scarf fur collars for a really cosy way 
to wear!  A simple single knot secures it.

Worn with the ends hanging loose
and which shows off more of the 
scarf design.

I hope this post has been of interest and to see more of Saima's designs please visit her website  I have really enjoyed reviewing something new in the scarf world and seeing how it would wear.  It is always nice to see designers' work and hopefully give them a helping hand, so I was very honoured to be asked to review the scarf.


  1. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing - I love the design roses with jewels just perfect!!

    I can't believe how versatile this scarf is...thanks for all the great suggestions!


  2. Hi PP - glad you like and I am sure Saima will be pleased too! I too like her combo of one of my fave flowers AND jewels! I was able to do pretty much anything I can with a scarf just that it turns out larger. SAx

  3. Very pretty and versatile shawl! Thanks for showing all the suggestions on how to wear! Have a lovely and HAPPY Sunday :-)

  4. Hello! I am looking for a ExLibris en Kimonos and am wondering what color way yours is? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi - I have posted a pic of the label for you HTH, SA:-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you - you too - have a nice weekend!