Sunday, 23 September 2012


I went to Amsterdam recently for a short break - it was lovely and sunny there unlike home, which has been awful this "summer".  Anyway the canals were looking lovely I can't remember which is which, but they will be either Herrengracht, Prinzengracht or Kaisersgracht! Enjoy my wander through Amsterdam:-

A house boat owner's take on a garden - lovely!

Gnomes get everywhere LOL! Very cute.
Typical Dutch architecture

These house boats are opposite the 
Anne Frank House.

Parked bicycles crowd a bridge.

Interesting boat shaped lamps reflecting 
Amsterdam's affiliation with the sea.

One of the big hotels in Amsterdam which sits 
on the Amstel.

Difficult see here (it's better at night as it is lit) look 
beyond the locks in  the foreground but you can just 
make out the Magere Brug which translates to 
"Skinny Bridge" and is said to be Amsterdam's 
most beautiful bridge.

The Amstel.

Another lovely house boat garden. 

A close up!

Here you can just about see through one 
bridge to the others beyond.

Lovely geraniums adorning these windows.

More lovely gabled buildings - they are a
bit wonky in places!

One of many lovely hanging baskets of 
geraniums on a bridge.


  1. It looks like such a crisp warm day, just lovely!

    I'm sure you had a lovely time, it looks it anyhow.


  2. Hi PP yes it was lovely and warm (no crisp about it!) the last few days of summer it was great, better than here anyway! SAx

  3. Beautiful sky SA! much better than the UK lately! x

    1. Hi Elle - and so much better than today's skies grey grey grey! It is so depressing so it is nice to look back on some sunny pics! SAx

  4. What a pretty city is Amsterdam! I have never been there, so thankyou for the tour. This will be another place to put on my wish list!

    1. Hi Patricia - yes it is mostly nice but like any city has it's not so nice parts! I had a great time there especially as this time I had researched restaurants so the food was much better this time too! SAx

  5. Wow, I very much enjoyed your lovely and sunny Amsterdam pics. I always love riverside landscape!Thank you for sharing with us!

  6. Loved your museum trip, especially the St Petersburg impressionist works. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it - wonderful! x

    1. You're welcome Patricia - glad you enjoyed it, SAx