Saturday, 8 September 2012


I have had a couple of queries and requests so here are my responses!  Hope they help!
Wearing my Hermes Sellier gavroche

The cw details for my 
Ex Libris en Kimonos - cw06
The lovely sunset last night near home -
looking across the estuary to North Wales.


  1. What a beautiful sunset. I think this week has been the best all year. xxx

  2. Hi Mrs E - hope you are well - yes the sunsets have been lovely this week! SAx

  3. Ah across the estaury to North Wales - we have English relatives living in your vicinity!
    Patricia from Australia

  4. Haha small world Patricia! This is a beautiful part of the world here and we are VERY lucky and I appreciate it every time I come back from trips away! SAx

  5. Thanks very much for the information on the Kimono scarf. I am looking at purchasing one, and an SA at my local Hermes store has located one in your color way. However, I am unable to view it firsthand before purchase. Can you tell me what other colors have you worn it with? I love the red, and I do wear red. However, I also seem to wear a lot of black and brown. It looks like there are those colors in that scarf. Is this scarf pretty versatile?

    Thanks very much!


    1. Hi Ronda, I have not worn the scarf that much lately as it has been too warm, but I personally would wear it with pinks or navy blue but I think it would work with black OK,. I rarely wear brown as I am blue tone person but the scarf does have brown in it. I think it is a lovely design and yes I think it is versatile. I will try and take some photos for you with the scarf with different colours and folds so you can see. Give me a day or so! SA:-)

  6. That would be wonderful! I would very much like to get the scarf, but as it is an investment ;), would like to make as sure as I can that it will work with as many colors as possible.