Sunday, 16 September 2012

Style Icons

Ah how sad it was when I realised that Grace Kelly died 30 years ago this Friday 14th September and then how this is exactly double the time since Diana died as well.  They had so much in common.  
A fabulous portrait of Grace by Bellmann.

The scene this week at Grace's grave in 
the Cathedral of Monaco.  Gone but not forgotten.

There is a lovely article with lots of fab photos of Grace at the Daily Mail newspaper website read it here
As you know I was recently at Althorp:-
Diana's island resting place.
The commemorative urn to Diana 
which is placed on the island.  
Urns are an Althorp tradition.

The "shrine"/temple to Diana.
Bringing these 2 great style icons of the 20th Century together is a lovely new book on Royal Style by Luise Wackerl which I recently bought from Amazon.  Whilst I have only looked at the photos so far, and read a few bits here and there, it does seem to be a very well put together book with fab photos and accurate facts - nothing annoys me more than when authors get it wrong about the royals!  Here are a few pics of the book:-
I love this 50's glamour portrait on the book cover!

The contents.

I like how the book starts "at the beginning" 
a refreshing change!
Everything from the hairstyles of the day.... beautiful jewellery.

Empress Eugenie

Empress Elizabeth - Sisi -style 
icon of her day.

Grace Kelly - with scarf!

Gloria von Thurn and Taxis with Moschino
teddy bear dress LOL!.
Diana off duty shopping in London 
carrying her Gucci  bag.

Princess Letitizia of Spain (left) with 
Carla Bruni Sarkozy (loving the Loubutins!) 
when she was First Lady of France

Kate on her wedding day.

Albert & Charlene at Kate's wedding.

A very happy Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
 - I love this photo it's so happy!

 The book is pretty big and heavy - it will definitely look good on a coffee table LOL!  Hope you like this little trip down memory lane.


  1. What a lovely post - thank you!

    I love how chic Diana is - even off duty shopping, SO glamourous and even 'current' now!! Truly timeless beauty.


    1. Hi PP glad you like the post - and yes Diana would still be in fashion today! SAx

  2. I was such a big fan of Princess Grace - so sad that both she and Diana died so young. Thank you for a lovely post of these two style icons, and the book looks wonderful. I will have to look out for that one. x

    1. Hi Patricia - thank you - glad you liked! Yep the book is really good it has lots more photos of the UK and European Princesses too - Mary, Mette Marit, Maxima, Madeleine covers just about everyone! SAx

  3. Thank you for these beautiful pictures ! I like all these women for their freedom : each of them has her own style, they are (or were) their own guide, not trying to copy someone else...

    1. Hi Scarfmoodist - I think you are right about them all having their own style. It is nice to follow them all! SA:-)

  4. Wish both Grace & Diana were still here, so sad they are not.

    Althorp looks so peaceful! I will visit one day - keep saying that !

    Trotting off to buy book - thanks for featuring it! x

    1. Hi Elle - hope you like the book - do let me know! SAx

  5. ^book arrived! Love the book (also love Amazon - so much easier than wading through Waterstones only to find they have to order it in!)thanks for sharing x

  6. Hi Elle - oh glad you like the book! I am always worried in case someone diaagrees with a recommendation LOL! SAx

  7. ^ah I can trust your judgement SA! great taste as always...