Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ex Libris En Kimonos in Focus

In response to a reader question here are some photos of my Ex Libris en Kimonos scarf in cw06 with lots of different colours - well as many as I could find!!  Hope this helps make a decision:-
One diagonal ends - more reds
The opposite diagonal ends - more blues
With a bit fur in Poudre
Against brown.
More brown
And the last with brown - I think it works with most
of the colours I have shown and it is interesting
how different colours bring out the individual
colours in the scarf.  Hope this helps with the decision!


  1. Thanks so much! It was wonderful of you to try out the various colors. I will be contacting my local store to see if they can find this for me. I think it is the color way that would look best on me and with my wardrobe. Have a great rest of the week!


  2. You're very welcome Ronda happy to help. Hope your local H can find this cw for you! HAGW, SAx

  3. Beautiful scarf, I missed this one but if I see one I will pull the trigger!

    Love the new styling on the blog too! x

    1. Hi Elle, thank you! I thought I'd try a change! SAx

  4. Is there pink along the border? And, is the "H" in brown? Thanks again!


    1. Hi Ronda - yes the border has baby pink along it and yes the central circle and H of the Ex Libris is indeed brown. SA:-)

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for your gavroche picture - I loved it. Do you ever wear headscarves? I wear them in 2 ways - in summer I wear a small silk square folded once into a triangle, worn over my hair and tied at the back of my neck under my hair. It feels great, keeps my hair in place, and looks really summery! But I have started getting addicted to wearing larger silk squares in a traditional headscarf way, tied under my chin. People think of this as an old lady's look, but I'm 36 years old and I always get compliments when I wear headscarves like this, which I now do whenever I can. I love the feel of the silk against my cheeks and I think this look is very classy and stylish. Do you ever wear your scarves as a headscarf?
    Thank you for your wonderful blog - I read it all the time.

  6. Hi Ellie - no I don't wear as a head scarf - my hair is (now) too short and I think a 90cm would swamp me LOL! I love the Grace Kelly look (as opposed to the QEII look) though! More gavroches will be coming up. SA:-)